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Give aid to move free industry to develop department time rules of work of joint

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General principles of the first chapter

The first overflows industrial survey to moving to strengthen, stimulative science is decision-making, give aid to move free industry to develop department time joint meeting establishs a committee of experts (committee of experts of the following abbreviation) .

Job of the 2nd committee of experts is mixed theoretically with Deng Xiaoping " 3 delegates " serious thought is guidance, the play much territory, much discipline, integrated advantage that crosses major, in give aid to move free industry to develop department time below the leader of joint meeting, the major policy measure that develops to study protocol our country moves free industry offers directional proposal, seek advice to solve our country to move problem of free industry developing to offer major, participate in move free industry relevant project evaluation. In give aid to move free industry to develop department time strategy of development of formulate of joint meeting research, delibrate is development route, affirmatory tackle key problem in the job such as the key, develop decision-making advisory action, raise administration decision-making level, quicken industrialization process, promote move free industry to upgrade, drive move free estate development.

The 3rd committee of experts should abide by the principle of objective justice in decision-making advisory activity, insist to liberate a thought, be practical and realistic, with when all is entered, development innovation, devoted to post.

The 4th basis moves the need of the development that overflows an industry and working progress, establish by different major, different project a certain number of panelist. Each group is inside respective working scope of business, each its are in charge of, mutual and harmonious, cooperate closely, high quality, efficient the ground has done each job.
Duty of job of the 2nd chapter

The 5th committee of experts is responsible understanding, master and consider to move free domain to develop trends, seasonable to department time joint meeting office offers information and working proposal; Participate in research and formulate to move free industry to develop the strategy, development policy of program, technology, annual plan and great the argumentation of selection of subject that moves free project; Participate in major project to reach its to plan to design what plan, project carries out the job to wait to examine; Assume department time other of precatory of joint meeting office is special the job; Compose moves free industry omnibus report reachs those who move free estate development to be talked only.

Every job of the 6th committee of experts should make clear chief and the member that cooperate the job. Involve the item that deals with to two above group, take the lead by harmonious group and lose main responsibility, relevant group wants to cooperate actively, do good job jointly.
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