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Industry of 9 old culture labels development key

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Country " 915 " culture develops a program compendium is released

Industry of 9 old culture labels development key

Beijing of integrated Xinhua News Agency on September 13 report general office of general office of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council recently print and distribute " country " 915 " period culture develops program compendium " (the following abbreviation " compendium " ) , give out an announcement, departmental door combines requirement various places to draft executive plan actually, carry out seriously fulfil.

This is construction of culture of the first special deploy of Chinese is medium extended program. Compendium in all 30 thousand more than word, the overall situation that develops from economic society sets out, assignment of principle of the guiding ideology that to future 5 years of culture develop, guiding principle, goal was made elaborate in the round.

Focal point of development of 6 old culture is certain

Compendium decided " 915 " the 6 big focal points that period culture develops:

, catch construction of culture of good basic level, increase strength to improve country and center-west region condition of common culture infrastructure, ensure the basic culture rights and interests of low income group. Strive " 915 " period end, townsman enjoys culture to serve with respect to nimble of close and convenient, solve farmer masses basically to see a book difficult, playgoing it is difficult, difficult to see a movie, listen to the question with watch broadcasting television difficult.

, had caught the major project that models national culture figure and project.

-- catch construction of system of good culture industry, weigh model market main body, optimize industrial structure, decide the industrial category that develops mainly, breed culture product market and element market, develop contemporary and current organization and current form, form the culture industry situation that develops jointly for a variety of main body, system of ownership with state ownership.

-- catch construction of ability of good culture innovation, with content innovation is core, exert oneself breeds innovation main body, quicken the confluence of science and technology and culture, raise our country culture own innovation ability.

, catch good culture " go " of major project, project carry out, expand to turn trade to foreign language, extend culture to develop a space, the passive situation with larger unfavorable balance of trade of product of culture of preliminary change our country.

-- catch nice talented person to foster.

Stress of industry of 9 kinds of culture develops

Compendium made clear the industry of culture of 9 kinds of keys that future develops exert oneself 5 years:

, movie and TV makes course of study. Develop industry of content of movie and TV, news of promotion teleplay, blame kind the productivity of TV program and film, cartoon.
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