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Total arrange of new scent edition will take the lead fulfil " 915 " culture dev

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"" country " 915 " period culture develops program compendium " it is new China since holding water, the program compendium that builds by culture of the first when make central special deploy... " on September 14 morning 10 when, countersign of total arrange of edition of Zhao Shi of deputy director general of total bureau of TV of film of broadcast of Sun Jiazheng of culture ministry minister, country, new scent grows Liu Bin outstanding the press conference that assembles in office of news of the State Council to hold, introduced respectively " compendium " in the query that the content that fulfils mainly severally answered reporter of China and foreign countries.

   Sun Jiazheng: Build supervise and urge examination mechanism

Sun Jiazheng points out, branch of various government culture wants " compendium " the relevant task that put forward brings into branch and place come in the program, item-by-item gives fulfil. To culture branch, should have caught common culture to serve a system to art of rural culture construction, culture innovates and flourish especially mainly, culture bequest protection, right foreign language changes communication to wait for respect task fulfil. Want to perfect policy of relevant form a complete set surely jointly with concerned division system, make " compendium " executive plan, undertake the task is decomposed, fulfil responsibility, build supervise and urge examination mechanism, will carry out " compendium " the serious content that the circumstance includes achievement in one's post of an a place, unit assessment.

   Zhao Shi: The farmer can see 8 TV at least

Zhao Shi points out, wide cable department should do good tripartite face to work: The first, face a country to carry out 3 big major project, from go up at all solve rural masses to listen to broadcast it is difficult, difficult to see TV, the question with see a movie difficult. It is village of broadcasting television village connects a project, realize 20 above in the round to 2010 already electrify nature village connects broadcasting television, watch listen to 8 TV, 4 broadcast. 2 be on the west new project, improve western the broadcasting television infrastructure of area and area of border area minority and condition. 3 it is rural movies shows a project, to basic 2010 implementation a month sees one village the target of a film. The 2nd, prosperous broadcast movie and TV is created and produce energetically. High-quality goods of executive broadcast movie and TV creates a project, the brand that increases channel of broadcasting television frequency, column, program changes construction, the key raises program and level of Wu of product quality kimono, outstanding work occupies do one's best the 20 % above of gross. The key gives aid to practical subject matter, country subject matter, little the creation of subject matter, minority subject matter and cartoon. The 3rd, accelerate advance innovation of science and technology, executive broadcast movie and TV digitlizes a project.
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