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News of the Chengdu City publishs a program

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Fulfil municipal Party committee, municipal government to carry out the strategic deploy about construction culture strong city, accelerate news to publish (copyright) industrial development, promote whole city economy and society to coordinate development, according to the Chengdu City " 915 " deploy of job of special program staff, make " news of the Chengdu City is published (copyright) industry " 915 " program " .

This program basically covers region of the Chengdu City inside publish and copyright service and associated culture industry. Program period is 2006-2010 year.

One, develop guiding principle

It is guidance with scientific progress view, aggrandizement society serves, promote traditional industry; Enhance innovation ability, extend burgeoning industry. According to " the government is driven, battalion of already of look forward to, commercialize run " principle, breed brand enterprise, adjust industrial structure, optimize market environment, highlight terrain distinguishing feature, form the news with clear advantage to publish (copyright) industrial catenary.

2, develop a target

Deepen news to publish enterprise or business unit reform, optimize industrial structure, breed modern market current system, advance an industry to manage the innovation of means and the change that grow means, make the industry grows speed and phase of progress of whole city economy to suit, increase news to publish stage by stage (copyright) industry the proportion in culture industry. 2008, make industrial structure basic and reasonable, company core competition ability increases apparently, sex of product science and technology rises apparently, news of comprehensive promotion our city is published (copyright) industry state level of the industry; 2009, form basically suit with photograph of system of socialist market economy, match with photograph of central city position, develop harmonious, talent to configure reasonable news to publish with economic society (copyright) industrial system. 2010, make development of the Chengdu City becomes radiation western, strike throughout the country, face the world western news is published (copyright) industry strategy upland.

3, develop a program

The basis develops guiding principle and development target, it is bibcock in order to plan, it is a method in order to rectify joint-stock source, news of stimulative our city of cent administrative levels, divisional region is published (copyright) the full-scale development of course of study.

(One) industrial position

Publication course of study: Attach most importance to a dot with central the city zone, with province, city group signing up for course of study is mixed publish, issue a group to rely on, form western the strategic upland of publication course of study; Rely on province city to publish an orgnaization, dig the our city's substantial publication content natural resources actively, development publishs content industry.

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