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Jinan moves free game industry to develop a program (2008 -- 2012)

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Moving free game industry is to point to with " originality " for core, it is with IT method rely on, wait with animation, caricature, game to behave a form, include the development that moves free game product, production, publish, broadcast, show and sale, and the production that waits for develop produce with the dress that uses free figure to concern, toy and manufacturing industry. Moving free game industry is the burgeoning industry of the Information Industry, have consumptive group lifecycle of big, product throws demand of wide, market long, high cost, high, the characteristic such as high additional cost, tall internationalization. Develop energetically moving free game industry is the Party Central Committee, the State Council what make from overall situation and strategic height is great and decision-making with deploy, grand target has harmonious to realizing economy, politics, culture development and society of overall construction well-off great reality and far-reaching strategic meaning. Advance an our city to move free game industry to develop to accelerate, construction " move the city that overflow a spring " , information Industry of stimulative our city and modern culture industry grow, institute this program.
One, development situation analysis
(One) move free game industry domestic and internationally to develop the current situation
2006, the whole world moves production value of free game property to amount to 280 billion dollar, with move the periphery related free game industry to derive product production value to be in above of 600 billion dollar. The world moves 3 countries with the biggest production value of free game property to be the United States, Japan and Korea respectively. The United States is in on century 90 time metaphase, animation game product and exit of its develop produce exceed traditional industry, become main exit product; Game industry dimensions exceeds Hollywood movie industry 4 years continuously, development speed exceeds movie industry and record industry, become the United States at present the biggest entertainment industry. Japan is the world the 2nd move free game to produce a country greatly, its move free game to reach its to derive a product to export the forehead to exceed steely industry, japanese game industry creates production value every year 16.5 billion dollar, the main engine of of all kinds game that its produce all over the world total sales volume achieves 214 million. Korea is the 3rd big development is managed move free game country, animation product output occupies the whole world 30% . 2002, industry of the game in Korea company earnings is occupied 34.3% , achieve 3.7 billion dollar, achieved 6.5 billion dollar 2005, korea is moved roam the industry already exceeded auto industry, become Korea industry of the 3rd big pillar.
In recent years, our country moved free game industry to get a society pay close attention to and take seriously of each respect stage by stage. Homebred cartoon crop rises sharply, arrive eighty-two thousand three hundred minutes of 2006 from 13 thousand minutes of growth 2000, preliminary the cartoon that forms the city such as above sea, Changsha, Guangzhou, Shenzhen to give priority to produces base. 2006, user of game of our country network is amounted to 44.9 million, market dimensions exceeds 8 billion yuan, the direct income that the development of network game is telegraphic course of study, Information Industry, commerce and the circumjacent industry such as publication course of study to bring exceeds 30 billion yuan. Move itself of free game product to have giant market vacuum not only, and move free game industry space of develop produce market is larger. China is at present annual the sale of children food is controlled 35 billion yuan for the RMB, the sale with annual toy is controlled 20 billion yuan for the RMB, the sale with children annual clothing amounts to 90 billion yuan of above, the sale with children annual like goods and publication of of all kinds children sound amounts to a RMB 10 billion yuan... going up somehow, these industries the development henceforth and sale move hang on those who overflow this one burgeoning industry to drive, china moves free game industry to will have the tremendous progress space that exceeds one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan of production value.
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