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Shanxi Taiyuan: Come on stage encourage give aid to move free industry to develo

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Electric capital gave aid to on December 1: Annual not less than 30 million

Introduce a talent: Preferential take care of housing and filial education

The our city comes on stage " the opinion that moves free estate development about encourage and giving aid to "

According to national policy, draw lessons from practice of concerned city experience, our city " the opinion that moves free estate development about encourage and giving aid to " (the following abbreviation " opinion " ) came on stage yesterday.

" opinion " distribute 13 portions: Encourage and give aid to self-discipline of education of research and development of construction of construction of mechanism of investment of target of the guiding ideology that moves free estate development, main train of thought, construction, capital, promotion, company, base, technology, talent, abroad service, industry, market is superintended, constituent leader.

" opinion " point out, the government sector should have done macroscopical adjusting control, policy to plan orientedly, scientificly; Intellectual property branch wants to good intellectual property is protected and move free market to superintend, build whole society to take an active part in the favorable environment that create and consumes. On fundamental construction, hold to high level, high-tech, high investment, tall efficiency, promote an our city to move free industry energetically capacity of own and benign development. Moving free industry decision-making on, aim at tendercy of current international home market, technology of core of sex of the look up before aiming at.

Moving the construction target that overflows industrial development is, compose is built use free industry system, development is moved free, the industry of the high increase rate such as 3G game, give aid to possess national level level, scale is larger move overflow the industry that make, strengthen the intellectual property protection that overflows a product to moving, raise the measure that uses free product and quality substantially. Want construction to move free property base and education research base, build move free technology equipment and communal technology platform to prop up a service to share a mechanism.

Capital throws a respect, city finance is established give aid to move free industry to develop special fund, should arrange amount every year not less than 30 million; Municipal government arranges the funds that certain specified amount spends every year from inside fund of development of science and technology, rely on culture adequately to develop research of technology of special fund, application and development capital, to the bank of leasehold capital, answer via governmental check and ratify according to loan interest one-time give the pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange of 50% allowance; The favourable policy such as the admittance that moves free industry to enjoy province city to show acting service line of business about development, land, finance, price. Establish city to move free industry to reward capital, achieve work of animation of movie and TV to broadcast in CCTV formerly to the our city, 2 dimension cartoon is minutely reward 1000 yuan, three-dimensional minutely award 1500 yuan. To obtaining internationally grand prize, one-time award 500 thousand; Obtain provincial and country, grand prize, one-time reward respectively 200 thousand with 100 thousand. Our city of preferential arrangement of Taiyuan TV station makes move free program, broadcast time everyday of time of not less than program of animation of all movie and TV 30% etc.

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