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Total bureau of national wide report reiterates gold period of time is banned so

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On November 14 report (reporter Zhao Jing) Wang Taihua of director of total bureau of wide report of undersecretary of China Communist News Ministry, state is emphasizing again here today, gold period of time bans the policy that sows the cartoon outside the condition must ground of one hundred percent is carried out.

2 6 years 00 on September 1, make known to lower levels of total bureau of national wide report commands, various TV station of requirement whole nation must not sow the cartoon outside leaving the country in gold period of time, in order to prop up the development of Chinese native land animation.

On the conference of job of animation of movie and TV of 2 00 7 whole nations that convenes now, wang Taihua emphasizes this problem again, the information program of the cartoon outside putting forward countrywide various TV station to reach two to all must not sow condition of the cartoon outside leaving the country, introduction in seventeen bits or the column that reveal the cartoon outside the condition; Animation channel and little kind the homebred cartoon amount that channel broadcasts everyday is not gotten little at 70% .

The country supports energetically and encourage the act of work of animation of Chinese movie and TV, drove homebred cartoon creative work to appear to flourish unprecedentedly. Statistical data shows, 2 come 7 00 years in September, crop of homebred TV animation is as high as 70 thousand minutes, achieve historical the corresponding period again new tall.

Wang Taihua thinks, policy of these macroscopical adjusting control are to stem from the international convention that protects young industry not only, also be to safeguard people of country and ethical interest, safeguard at the same time especially the pressing requirement of minor culture rights and interests, must ground of one hundred percent is carried out.

Wang Taihua says, total bureau of national wide report will continue encourage the key that achieves animation to give aid to as policy formerly. China culture is of long standing and well established, broad and profound, it is animation of movie and TV what creation takes is endless, use not the fountainhead flowing water of exhaust, he hopes the enterprise can create a more, better inheritance China civilization, reflect " air of style of Chinese characteristic, China, China " work of animation of movie and TV.

(Zhao Jing / civil)

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