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Guangzhou city gives aid to software is mixed further a certain number of regula

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Guangzhou city gives aid to software is mixed further a certain number of regulations that move free estate development

2006 〕 of 〔 of spic government office 44

To be accelerated further software develops the first with what move free industry, rise software and move free industry competition ability, strive for make with the 5 time that arrive 10 years Guangzhou software is mixed move free industry to realize new breakthrough, according to the State Council " a certain number of policy that encourage software industry and development of integrated circuit estate " (the country sends 2000 〕 of 〔 18) with " the announcement that the branch such as Ministry of finance of transmit of general office of the State Council overflows an industry to develop a certain number of opinions about driving our country to move " (the country does hair 〔 2006, combinative our city is virtual, make this regulation.
The software that this the 2nd regulation weighs (include content of network game, number and integrated circuit design) and move free enterprise and product, it is to show the software that stipulates according to the country standard and program are maintained is mixed move free enterprise and product. The city key software that this regulation weighs and move free enterprise or orgnaization of research and development, its are maintained make separately with administrative measure.
The 3rd software that accords with a condition and move free enterprise and its product, enjoy country and the relevant and favourable policy that save a regulation. If relevant policy has adjust or increase and decrease, the new regulation that presses country and province is carried out.
. . . . . .
This the 29th regulation is carried out since November 20, 2006, come to will stop on November 20, 2011, period of efficacy is 5 years.

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