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Our country moves the development existing state of affairs that overflows an in

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Transmit of general office of the State Council the branch such as the Ministry of finance " a certain number of opinions that develop about driving our country to move free industry " , put forward to drive our country to use a series of policy measure of free estate development. A lot of enterprises adjusted development strategy and plan accordingly, cartoon is below the circumstance that crop turned over one time than 2004 last year, the crop of before this year 8 months exceeds 50 thousand minutes. Preliminary place the trace of copy of drawing of patterns, new caricature periodical that has ethical style and times characteristic, books and caricaturist to grow quickly, " caricature world " , " free friend " wait for a magazine to get the welcome of wide readership, caricature edition " Shui Hu is passed " with " on the west travel notes " publish in abroad in succession, work of a batch of new old cartoon goes door going abroad to win the market. Move free education and talent education, move free property base construction, move free international communication to wait to sail drive. But, the mental culture that our country moves the development that overflows an industry and people to grow ceaselessly needs and still is very big difference between the market demand of ceaseless development, in achieve the respect such as system of protection of ability, talent, technology, investment, intellectual property, management formerly, had not appeared to change at all. With 5 to 10 years bound of time ascend one's life experience moves the target that overflows big country and power train still shoulder heavy responsibilities.

   Know the effect of government and market correctly, develop two enthusiasm

The country gives aid to policy caused each district and the rising enthusiasm that produce industry, the road that the industry grows and means problem again conspicuous. It is " the motion that encircle the ground " , some areas disregard local economy and culture industry current situation, simple " encircle a ground, build a building, hang a card " , the government is very active, the enterprise is not valued. Moving free industry is culture originality industry, it is talent, capital and technology intensive industry, cannot be done according to the mode that develops economy commonly, let estate open a way or give estate open circuit, was to ignore oneself character actually. 2 it is to exhibit meeting heat, there were more than 10 cities to hold during National Day this year only move overflow exhibition, although have the import that popularizes promotion, but a few exhibit meeting content feeble lack characteristic, instead lets an audience feel disappointed. Danger of zephyr of condition of the uniqueness that the problem of these two kinds of circumstances basically is pair of estate development, foundation underestimate, certainly will hard abiding and obtain actual effect.

Culture industry develops in intense international competition, it is very important really that government and policy give aid to, but premise is to want to respect market economy rule adequately, handle the relation of the market and government correctly. Should be the government rises to drive and guide action, enterprise and market rise dominant action. The industry that the enterprise can do is not done, the government that the industry can do is not done; Local government can do, administration is not done. It is on the contrary, enterprise and industry cannot be done, the government should treat as. Let the market and government two hands reach the designated position and not offside. Move in development free on, because gain needs to face countrywide market and even international market, macroscopical policy of the country and integral market environment are most so important, want to be coordinated as a whole, break system, industry and area camp, form the industrial situation of orderly competition, do not do branch and area balance. Next, local government is OK advantage of resource of industry of place of base oneself upon builds favorable investment climate, attract and give aid to the company does poineering work with development.

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