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The State Council is given out deepen culture system to reform a certain number

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Beijing the Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council gave out report recently on January 12 " a certain number of opinions that reform about deepening culture system " (the following abbreviation " opinion " ) . " opinion " point out, when this age bound, culture and economic politics blend each other, the position in competition of comprehensive national power and action are more and more outstanding. Building comparatively well-off society, implementation in the round the Chinese nation is great in revived historical course, advanced culture has prosperity and development socialism the position with global strategical sex and action. Must from the height that fulfils science to develop view, compose to build socialistic harmony society in the round, from the height that consolidates the Marxism cares about position of guidance of knowledge configuration domain, be in office from what strengthen a party the height that ability builds, know the importance that culture system reforms and pressing sex adequately, enhance sense of responsibility and mission feeling, grab main strategy opportunity period, deepen reform, accelerate development, to build socialism advanced culture infuse is powerful motivation.

" opinion " emphasize, the guiding ideology that culture system reforms is: With Deng Xiaoping theory is mixed " 3 delegates " serious thought is guidance, fulfil scientific progress view in the round, carry out deep the 16th National Congress of Communist Party of China mixes 16 3 medium, 4 medium, 5 in plenary meeting spirit, around overall situation of center, service, emancipatory thought, be practical and realistic, with when all is entered, firmly holds the ongoing direction of advanced culture, abide by the characteristic of socialistic cultural and ideological progress and rule, get used to the requirement that socialist market economy develops, advance system mechanism innovation in the round, liberate and develop culture productivity, bring the enthusiasm of broad culture worker and creativity into play, prosperous socialism culture, satisfy the mental culture demand that people grows increasingly ceaselessly, raise the scientific culture quality of entire nation, breed rational to want, have the morality, literate, socialism citizen that has discipline, the full-scale development of stimulative person.

The principle requirement that culture system reforms is: Hold to socialism the ongoing direction of advanced culture; Hold to a Marxism to care about the directive position that knows configuration domain, ensure national culture is safe; Insist to be brave in practice, bold innovation, establish new culture development concept; Insist to put social benefit in the first place, realize the unity of social benefit and economic benefits hard; Hold to culture career and culture industry to coordinate development; Hold to distinction to treat, classification is directive, successive, progressively push.

The goal assignment that culture system reforms is: Give priority to a problem in order to develop, it is motivation in order to reform, with system mechanism innovation attachs most importance to a dot, the culture that forms scientific and effective macroscopical culture to manage system, rich efficiency is produced and pattern mixes the microcosmic moving mechanism of the service, culture industry that gives priority to a variety of body, system of ownership to develop jointly with state ownership unified, open, competition, orderly modern culture market; Want to form perfect culture innovation system, form give priority to body with ethical culture, absorb ab extra and beneficial culture, the culture that drives China culture to move toward the world opens pattern.

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