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The branch such as Ministry of finance of transmit of general office of the Stat

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The branch such as Ministry of finance of transmit of general office of the State Council about
The announcement country that drives our country to move free industry to develop a certain number of opinions does hair 〔 2006 〕 32 on April 25, 2006

Government of people of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, the State Council orgnaization of each ministries and commissions, each directly under:
Total arrange of edition of total bureau of Wu of ministry of ministry of the Ministry of finance, Ministry of Education, science and technology, MII, Department of Commerce, culture, duty, industrial and commercial total bureau of total bureau, wide report, new scent " a certain number of opinions that overflow industrial development about driving our country to move " already the State Council agrees, show transmit to give you, carry out seriously please carry out.

Overflow a certain number of opinions of industrial development about driving our country to move

Ministry of culture of Department of Commerce of MII of ministry of science and technology of Ministry of Education of Ministry of finance
Duty Wu total bureau is industrial and commercial news of total bureau of total bureau wide report publishs total arrange

Moving free product is numerous people especially the culture product that minor loves. Development moves free industry to satisfying demand of people spirit culture, advanced culture and minor thought morality build stimulative socialism, drive culture estate development, breed new economic point of growth to have important import. In recent years, our country moves free industry development is rapidder, one batch moves free enterprise to cut a figure, also want to see, the mental culture that our country moves the development that overflows an industry and people to grow ceaselessly needs and still is very big difference between the market demand of ceaseless development, as bigger as the national gap that moves free industry to develop. Develop quickly to drive our country to move free industry health, raise the following opinion now:
   One, drive the guiding ideology that moves free estate development, main train of thought and development target
(One) moving free industry is to point to with " originality " for core, show a form for the watch with animation, caricature, include move free books, the press, film, TV, sound to resemble goods, the living theatre and be based on what contemporary information transmits technical measure to move overflow new breed to wait move the development that overflows direct product, production, publish, broadcast, show and sale, and the production that waits for develop produce with game of the dress that uses free figure to concern, toy, electron and manufacturing industry.
(2) guiding ideology. According to prosperity and development socialism advanced culture and compose build the requirement of harmonious society, promote promote the Chinese nation the moves free product creation that outstanding culture, content accumulates masses of extremely healthy, press close to, satisfy demand of people spirit culture, grow for minor health build good atmosphere. According to the requirement that develops socialist market economy, form industrial system stage by stage composition of relatively complete, structure level of technology of reasonable with each passing day, whole advanced, market competes orderly, economic benefits moves free industry significantly to develop pattern.

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