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Shenzhen enterprise prepares pat animation of Olympic Games of global head minis

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Shenzhen achieves animation work one batch to cut a figure formerly, call noisy whole nation, try to conform with the world. Limited company of medium of movie and TV of star of Shenzhen city phoenix obtained mascot of Beijing Olympic Games recently " Fu Wa " cartoon adapts authority solely, the cartoon that films global head ministry publicizes an Olympic Games, " Olympic Games story " , this will become another animation of our city that has international influence is big. This is the reporter is in city yesterday movie and TV of 2006 year broadcast learns on working conference.

5 lovely " Fu Wa " the young hero in will becoming this large cartoon, medium of Shenzhen phoenix movie and TV plans to invest 38 million yuan, tell about 5 mascot to pass through hundred years Olympic Games, help hero returns the story of real world. This had been started at present, predict 2007 bottom and wide audience meet. Create person introduction according to this play, " Olympic Games story " what will become Shenzhen mainland to achieve animation and international to conform formerly is germinant, strive to achieve a world brand for Shenzhen animation.

From Shenzhen animation the center that make is approved to be base of property of national level animation, the our city puts forward to make " move free base " since, animation company increased Shenzhen to achieve strength formerly. Applied for a list of plays of project approving animation 2005 in all 8 ministry, 1394 collect, length is 19408 minutes. Round-the-world number made film of first high-definition and three-dimensional animation of Chinese " Mo Bisi annulus " , realized Chinese three-dimensional film the breakthrough of 0. Tang Ren animation designs " foolish 8 chelonian " figure, obtained China to inspect assist optimal cartoon figure designs award, " foolish the story of 8 chelonian " in Shanghai dazzle moves cartoon to defend inspected viewing rate to achieve the corresponding period homebred cartoon is new tall. Diamonds moves caricature culture to develop limited company and CCTV combination to make " 5 child say " , become one of outstanding cartoon that total bureau of national wide report recommends to the whole nation.

At present our city " move free base " assemble effect peep, already much home moves free enterprise to garrison happy scene moves wide cable group free property base and south garden of a mountainous area Shenzhen originality industry. As we have learned, city culture bureau will choose development foreground this year the industrial garden area of beautiful of good, management state and animation company, award " base of property of Shenzhen country animation " brand, drive animation industry chain is formed inside base; Work out " directory of Shenzhen animation company " , had done " happy scene (international) move base of property of game of caricature, network " project construction. Meeting general holds Wen Bo " China International moves free game to exhibit " , make move free game industry to reveal, trade to serve platform with information.
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