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Start animation work formerly " remittent " Henan animation history on first

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" Up And Down " (" remittent " ) , this is the ministry starts the animation work with subject matter of completely modern city completely formerly, and of this cartoon " two big complete " in Henan still belong to on animation history first. This cartoon is defended in Henan inspect after broadcasting, already can go up in the net now direct order programme is watched.

This animation a short while is about 5 minutes long, author land silvers coin to resemble what experience with the life to catch through opposite appear vividly, the influence of festival of sex of 4 folk-custom in showing a year to contemporary urbanism, cause the reflection of people thereby. " Up And Down " it is philosophic theory of the first art of our country that be called piece animation work, this animation work already was in Beijing twice bear the palm, obtain institute of animation of Beijing film institute award of the 4th institute, it is first China of centrally TV station is moved another free exhibit in sowing an activity, obtain be seleted award.

(Shang Di / civil)

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