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Cartoon of strange unreal of Hangzhou initiate home " the Lou Lan in wind "

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" apotheosis a list of names posted up " the story hopeful in adapts cartoon, move screen of next year summer vacation time. Yesterday, what by Zhejiang medium institute and Hangzhou medium of culture of 3000 pictures movie and TV cooperates is former achieve animation film " the Lou Lan in wind " start formally. This also is the animation film that the first ground of domestic achieves novel of strange unreal subject matter to adapt formerly.

Strange unreal film " ring king " , " haing Li Bote " wait to be held in both hands by audience heat. But these strange unreal piece it is example with mediaeval Europe mostly. This " the Lou Lan in wind " story, be born out of at " search god is written down " , " apotheosis a list of names posted up " , " on the west travel notes " wait for novel of myth of Chinese ancient time, will introduce to the character in ancient myth of a lot of China screen. This cartoon attracted the student of numerous medium institute to join in. According to casting introduction of those representing capital, this will be shown at archives of next year summer vacation time, meet with broad adolescent.

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