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Cinema animation is big " the story of Beijing city " pat in Chengdu preparing

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Cinema animation is big " the story of Beijing city " patting in Chengdu preparing, this is the animation project that since founding a state, Sichuan saves total bureau of TV of film of broadcast of country of the first classics to approve project approving. The series connection such as amorous feelings of folk tales of famous places and historical sites of culture of Beijing area folklore, history, folk, folk-custom adapts a content basis and become. Develop masterstroke in order to build the process of Beijing city for the story, pass labyrinthian and interesting clue, novel and vivid picture, depict Liu Baiwen, Yao Anxiao, Zhang Guo the about a hundred person of mythological and fabulous person such as spirit of old, Lu Ban, 2 man. This piece use measure of modelling of civilian traditional handicraft, have full-bodied ethical characteristic, its early days designed plan to obtain the height of global expert and publisher to approbate. Current, this piece group of produce a film already began to prepare in Chengdu pat the job, divide this province and nonlocal professional, still as will provincial as Sichuan collaboration of many universities and colleges films. This piece will be in the whole world was faced issue during Beijing Olympic Games 2008, according to forecasting, the outspread product such as its advertisement, caricature, toy, travel will create the accrual of on 100 million yuan of RMBs.

(Yu Chuan / civil)

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