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100 million yuan of animation " demon needs this annulus " knock gently accept i

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Last a period of time 5 years, the cost evens more 100 million, film of first when by Shenzhen round-the-world number company makes homebred pure three-dimensional and high-definition animation " demon needs this annulus " made a few days ago end, knocking gently in the 57th France accept film festival undertakes popularizing at present. This drama broke company of on international a few animation to be opposite the forestall of this one domain, fill the blank of domain of film of Chinese three-dimensional animation. " demon needs this annulus " all working procedure that make are to be in Shenzhen to finish entirely. The company has complete intellectual property and technical patent, organized force to solve alone achieve formerly, the scientific research task of the domain such as system of management of project of technical research and development, pull current Cheng, large animation, database and technical obstacle. " demon needs this annulus " told about princely Jackie not Wei is brutal, what revolt king gallantly is regnant, realized the story that goes after to free persistence finally, the business that make says for " of science fiction edition " prince is avenged write down " " . Vision

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As we have learned, " demon needs this annulus " the battle array that make is very formidable, invited international to move free elite to join in, by ever had participated in " beautiful magnolia 2 " made GlennChaika hold guide; France is famous artist, ceng Can and " the 5th element " , " abnormity " , " astral battle " the JeanGiraud that waits for film creation holds the position of art to be achieved formerly, much name comes from the supervise the manufacture of of animation specially good effect such as factory of Dishini, dream to join in. 400 animation artists from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and countrywide each district participate in origin of film of whole department animation, last a period of time just is made 5 years finish. Visual China

Introduce according to controller of round-the-world number company, " demon needs this annulus " be in knock gently the promotion of accept should succeed, regard China as first three-dimensional and high-definition animation, obtained the wide attention of the personage inside course of study, the picture with elegant film makes a person leave deep impression, france is not little media undertook introductory to this.

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