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Homebred complete CG film is gigantic piece " hill sea classics " , will appear

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According to latest news of organizing committee of division of Changsha cartoon art, home is newest the medium of scene of nimble of Beijing of animation investment orgnaization that rise abruptly and has actual strength most, will carry the CG report film in be being made to spend, attend this second art section.
Before long, chinese by " ring king " " the hacker is Caesarean " " Madagascar " wait for big agitate dazzling, and the complete draw materials that investment of nimble scene medium makes at Chinese ancient books " hill sea classics " homonymic film of completely three-dimensional CG, prepare already secretly with made two years. Appear on section of Changsha cartoon art this, it is bomb of a heavy pound undoubtedly to industry of Chinese CG animation. To everybody, the Chinese's eye shot is the visual concussion of Hollywood completely to occupy by force no longer from now on, we also want animation of our specially good effect is big to film.
The three-dimensional animation film of nimble scene medium " hill sea classics " (provisional name) have 5 big characteristics: 1. Expend 300 million gigantic medium of endowment nimble scene invests 300 million RMB this to pat produce a film to make three-dimensional animation film gigantic " hill sea classics " (provisional name) , initiated Chinese film to be born hundred years since the investment mode of unprecedented, assured to run mode to conform with international is big above all on capital. 300 million gigantic endowment devoted, the billow that arouses a Chinese film inside global limits, the high speed that drives domestic movies market, animation to make an industry from whole develops. 2. Medium of scene of nimble of international tip technology applies the three-dimensional animation that precedes even with Hollywood synchronism to make a technology, nicety makes three-dimensional animation film " hill sea classics " (provisional name) . Especially the group apply colours to a drawing with the not much amount to on the world technology, refine this picture animation person's living pore. " hill sea classics " (provisional name) can saying is the technology group bomb on film history, mere this paragraph of segment of 3 minutes, expended more than 100 machines gross locomotive time of 300 thousand hours. If use a computer to undertake making only, finish this segment to will be expended day and night 35 years time. 3. First the MAC motion that whole journey moves medium of the scene that catch nimble to apply 16 camera lens catchs a system, for three-dimensional animation infuse real life feeling. Perforative animation makes the motion of whole journey catch, headroom is tall difficulty power inferior movement of acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance is caught, build movement of drilling of 3 high tables to catch, and fight hand-to-hand of much person close quarters is caught at the same time, in Chinese film specially good effect the industry that make belongs to first time. 4. Oriental sex and medium of nationality nimble scene devote oneself to the film of Oriental culture and ethical culture to show. China of this select material is antediluvian strange book " hill sea classics " , was to be certain more its have old and Oriental mysterious glamour, can calls China antediluvian period " Discovery " (" exploration · discovers " . Animation film " hill sea classics " will open the veil with old and Oriental mysterious nation to the whole world, comfortable meet the machine of 2008 Olympic Gameses of Beijing, film will lift one partner to just search an upsurge in the whole world more. 5. The future of open film: IT and the three-dimensional animation film that recreational combines nimble scene medium " hill sea classics " (provisional name) use digitlization technology, network technology and informatization technique extensively, be different from traditional animation to content from the form, and its clear picture, the development that also is the film leaves opened a gate: Can with need not actor, need not photograph picture, need not prop, use the computer completely " generate " the film. This is film technology not only go up transform and innovate, also be technology and artistic confluence and sublimate. Develop as the high speed of IT course of study, with " hill sea classics " (provisional name) the CG that is the first artillery piece (computer image graph) the serious content that the film will become current society culture (anon. / civil)
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