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Sun Lijun: Painstaking effort of 6 years is 90 minutes of animation only " batma

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In October 1999, grandson Li Junmeng was sent film a China is achieved formerly realistically the year of animation film; In Feburary 2005, sun Lijun meets the person says proudly, have half an year again, 〞 of this 〝 child was about to be born --

Since works of Shanghai beautiful picture " treasure lotus lamp " after obtaining certain result, people raises his head and look the cinema cartoon that anxiouslies expect a China to make, fine fine presumably, chinese animation bound has large animation motion picture to come out rarely really in recent years.

The message is transmitted nowadays, institute of animation of Beijing film institute is making an animation film, piece in the male 〝 of the Xiaoying that fight day that leading role is widely known piece 〞 . classical piece adapt homonymic animation film, difficulty is not little, how to innovate content? How to hold manner style? How obtain the market approbate? Taking this a series of doubt, the reporter interviewed animation edition " batman piece " Sun Lijun of prexy of animation of institute of film of director, Beijing.

Animation edition 〝 piece solemn and stirring 〞 of 〞 experience 〝 is created period

Sun Lijun's first thought is a little baronial, he wants to make a meaning be different from general animation motion picture, look to the child not only, should look to adult more; He stands on pedagogic angle, be enlightened makes this cartoon give a student a few enlightenment too, if failed, I can sum up a very good experience in education, if succeeded, the animation creation that can be China opens not to have imprinted road; As to content, he also wants to make a few breakthroughs, cast the animal of the personate such as kitten, doggie, also cast Japanese animation or Disney of animation take creed. An accidental opportunity, old artist lets be in at a blue word confused the Sun Lijun suddenly see the light that searchs subject matter, be, will classic movie is done with present eye and gimmick be being dug again is a good idea, also have dye-in-the-wood challenge sex, what 〝 speaks of to be able to affect 3 acting people is classical, blame " batman piece " not belong to 〞 , such, subject matter make choice of, 3 teachers such as Sun Lijun began initial stage to run.

Talk about copyright 〝 with origianl work author 〞 of ask ab. to take up a resposible post repeatedly, prepare primary capital oneself skin of 200 thousand worn-out mouth, creation personnel is in dispersedly many cities of countrywide, be not worth because of capital and cannot be together its assemble, and these people are compulsory start working, do not take a minute of money. All these, by Guangzhou after some media reports, mr Zhu sees beautiful book Chinese in the eye, only with Sun Lijun those who pass 15 minutes chat, immediately infiltrates 3 million yuan of cash play staff. If say, the force that Sun Lijun's initial creative work dreams to give him is ego, so the force that the act of Mr Zhu lets Sun Lijun feeling be come from foreign aids and touch.
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