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" oil of wheat bag pineapple is princely "

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In the past, the father pineapple oil that wheat wraps up is princely, abandoned everything present, ignorant understands, search the kingdom that he loses, a rose in memory...
In the past, in the future, pull sb about. Wheat bag applies his thick bosom and hip again, stay to be engraved here.
Love at the moment, love at the moment, piggy bag says this with you.

"Intermediate has the most beautiful pig Nan flesh... " the singing that wheat wraps up still is by the side of ear, the piggy of fashionable Hong Kong and inland was stood by to us again this 2003.

Original plan christmas and everybody met last year " wheat wraps up trilogy " " oil of wheat bag pineapple is princely " , undertaking delicate later stage is made now, be about to come out in summer vacation time. Reporter from piece just obtain inside information, the 2nd collect " wheat moves round " obtain Liu Dehua to join in, the dub of father Mai Bing that moves round for incorporeal character wheat, let this star battle array increase again and again.

Piece still just disclose, " oil of wheat bag pineapple is princely " original preparation signs up knock gently accept, but partial later period has not finished now, do not know time to drive do not drive so that reach. Divide in addition, they also consider to attend other international film festival, the mainland that lets more audiences pay close attention to Hong Kong is made.

The father Mai Bing that the A Bai that who can think of to this wraps up shampoo for wheat is wheat bag -- in those days of heroic bearing break out " is pineapple oil princely " ?

■ be concerned about of one's life experience of father of wheat of unlock of bag of hotspot new wheat

One, day king dub increases " power "

" the story that wheat wraps up " inside, wrap up the young actor of dub for wheat, although very few person knows his name, can be him that organ of deputy rustle, let wheat wrap up this piggy that screen ascends first to be full of verve; If Mr Wu deduces the Mai Tai with independent goodness of skill delicacy, a person's mind, also " body spirit has both " ; Huang Qiusheng of forces of shadow emperor class holds several duty vocally concurrently to perform work personally tea dining-room boss, president and middleaged male. The 2nd inside, if Mr Wu continues to support with Huang Qiusheng, still play a Pop - Rap; Besides, simple and honest and lovely Mai Bing looks for Liu Dehua to join in, of dub respect " power " continue to increase.

2, announce wheat father " leave " mystery
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