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" batman piece " happy event obtain eleventh award of film ornamental columns er

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On August 28, 2005, eleventh prize-giving ceremony of award of film ornamental columns erected in front of palaces falls in Beijing next heavy curtain, the animation film that by company of estate of Forbidden City movie of Beijing TV station, Beijing, Beijing animation of Ai Yi beautiful fast makes company and young film studio manufacture jointly " batman piece " obtained award of ornamental columns erected in front of palaces outstanding cartoon award!

" batman piece " early had begun to start work before 6 years make, this film invests 12 million RMB, by prexy of animation of Beijing film institute Sun Lijun holds the position of a director, the teachers and students of animation institute serves as film advocate achieve, employed Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Dalian, Changchun, Qingdao, and the creation talent of Korea, most team of creation of a long time achieves 600 more than person. The creative work of film is exceedingly hard, "SARS " period, ten people gather together to go to the lavatory with a few box in canopy of an old plant the face is companion, one day does not have shutdown; The play is adapted, synthesis of choice of animation of modelling of artistic design, establish, language, music, later period, each link changes a city, each link tighten pants chatelaine is finished. Dean Sun Lijun is described " batman piece " creation period some " solemn and stirring " , but, he also will be regarded 2004 is " batman piece " spring, because be in,the play staff is lacked because of capital be about to shutdown when, the unit such as TV station of film studio of company of estate of Forbidden City movie of department of propaganda of Beijing municipal Party committee, Beijing, youth, Beijing extended the hand of aid, especially film bureau breaks rules right " batman piece " during undertaking filming aid financially, make " batman piece " advocate the passion that achieves personnel again and again is insurgent, intensified driving control rate.

Dean Sun Lijun introduces to the reporter, " batman piece " can represent the top level that in recent years Chinese animation creates basically, "This work adopts 2D and the kind that 3D photograph ties, among them face of calligraphy and painting of the 85% total number that it is 3D, and whole scene is finished before computer. " and allow a respect inside, animation edition " batman piece " in in those days true person undertakes end ministry revise on the foundation of screenplay, to increase humorous effect, take out team leader of openly part district increased header of ox of the villain of the piece at the same time; To build animation effect, the climax of story ending turned dot blockhouse into scamper train.
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