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" Long Daoji predestined relationship " brief introduction

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Supervise the manufacture of:   of   of   of   of Tang Jili  
Director: Situ Yonghua
Playwrite: Apply Yang Ping, Molisi
Music: Luo Jian
Art is directive: Huang Shuji
Dub: Lun Wujun of heart of Mo Wenwei Feng if rain of Lin Xinru summer of Zhanrui article Wu Yan ancestor

Show: On January 6, 2005 (Hong Kong)
Area: Hong Kong (film the ground)
Dialogue: Language of another name for Guangdong Province
Color: Color
Sound: Dolby Dolby Digital
Grow when: 88 minutes
Type: Strange unreal of adventurous animation movement

Manufacture: Think of a number to make limited company especially
Issue: Time film (Hong Kong) limited company
First show: On January 6, 2005 (Hong Kong)

Gut brief introduction:
Peach source town is circulating one is concerned go Long Dao's fokelore, the divine arms edge tool of this invincible, put person ability of justice only purposely to be able to be used, any is like the person that act on self and begs is destined to fail. Story Zha only then the assault of the nocturnal travel female a burglar who makes his way into a house over walls and roofs that sufferring boar king and mystery at peach source town is destroyed, blame animal and a burglar who makes his way into a house over walls and roofs to make do, save town civilian, sonorous decision goes searching the unique enginery in this handle fokelore, encounter in road profess to know to go Tibetan place of Long Dao, come from the celestial being bird of peach source elfland, face go the unbeknown boundless crisis in place of dragon knife Tibet, sonorous of one mind hopes to endeavor to obtain treasure knife to come back only, defeat boar king to save the one numerous friend that answers him...

The elder brother of Mo Wenwei of Hong Kong star- - Molisi holds the position of playwrite and deputy supervise the manufacture of, the behind the curtain is main part dub has a strong lineup! Mo Wenwei is replaced piece in heroine is filled with be filled with infuse wonderful sound ray, as a result of " Long Daoji predestined relationship " will lofty stance infiltrates other cities market, mo Wenwei will match language of another name for Guangdong Province, mandarin and English respectively 3 kinds of languages. Hero is sonorous it is by the film company evil spirit expends consider more, invite Feng Delun to match edition of language of another name for Guangdong Province finally, wu Yan ancestor matchs English edition. The combination of star of energy of life of these 3 people is apparently last " old man loves beauty " ovation of shown high tacit understanding, and arrange painstakingly cooperate again. The director is special express, "Be filled with be filled with is an orphan, individual character adamancy is independent beautiful, it is the object that all youths on peach source town long for day and night. Mo Wenwei itself has rich film, vocal rule of thumb, her sound ray is firm soft pay equal attention to, complete be identical be filled with the distinct personality that be filled with. "Additional bird of celestial being of that a haven of peace of Baliba resonant sound ray, the Wu Jun after coming from " Jin Majin to resemble shadow of " of reinforced material if. Mandarin edition Baliba by Lin Xinru dub, hero is sonorous You Xiayu dub.
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