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" wheat wraps up a story " , one sings the song of estate of Hong Kong careless

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■ Hong Kong is made

In numerous dozen dozen kill kill and among caricature of young of ancient be puzzled, "Wheat Ma and wheat bag " the story kills a road of a blood, become character of Hong Kong's most successful cartoon of the original edition that achieve Q, in waiting for a product, the greeting card that often can be beside us, letter paper finds its form. And this is only confused the pig young wheat of foolish foolish moves round, the big screen that Hong Kong walks into during the Christmas this year deduces his growing story, innovation goes the miracle that showed more than 10 days to had had 1000 much more box-office income. Of the wording and purpose of what one writes of caricaturist Xie Liwen, Mai Jiabi's couple " wheat moves round " in animation
Film market is small fan in against the wind and row, it is the part of a legend of bound of Hong Kong caricature not only, can be sweet more
The successful forerunner on harbor animation history.

The careless root estate of Hong Kong

The harbor that heat mirrors Hong Kong produces cartoon " wheat wraps up a story " , showed more than 10 days to had had 1000 much box-office income, it is a miracle really. The leading role wheat in the story moves round, it is a pink lovely piggy actually, just be in the author's the wording and purpose of what one writes, gifted to him human nature, and its world also is distinguished without what with the person's world, only has the figure that other possibility is it only to return the appearance that is a pig, because this is returned,be inferior to saying he is the person of an unripe appearance having a pig. The life old practice that wheat wraps up is very common, go to school, the job, hope, disappointed, he is experienced one by one. And his intelligence quotient not tall, domestic position does not say to go up not only celebrated even part is humble, because be in the story,he is Hong Kong person, should be the person that lives in low layer of Hong Kong society. Accordingly, his ordinary common people that experiences very may much Hong Kong has experience.

Doing not have textual research is who took the lead in using too " careless root estate " speak so and kind word, come the common people that bread of appellation place promising bustles. Small when, always think Hong Kong is a place that does not have civilian common people, because be awaited in those days, hear " Hong Kong " 2 words follow hear " golden hill " the feeling of 2 words does not have any distinction. Until after going to school, read increasingly as the book of concerned Hong Kong, the movies of Hong Kong looks increasingly, just know Hong Kong also is estate of root having grass so, and proportion is not small still. Arrive again later bring into contact with Hong Kong person, produced Asian banking crisis again, in the careless root estate that just hears of Hong Kong lives and be inferior to imagining good in that way, it is tiredder even, more painstaking! The story that wheat wraps up is Hong Kong grass probably in root estate, some true person is real the screen of the story is projectile, because this ability can affect the audience of so much Hong Kong.
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