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Animation of new knight-errant movie and TV is created " the bright moon when th

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Flying sword gives scabbard, xin Wuxia's creation is innovated

Knight-errant novel is created, head push Jin Yong.

Begin from 20 centuries end, work of golden commonplace knight-errant already by academia place praise highly. Take turns of each district TV station broadcasts the teleplay that by Jin Yong the novel adapts, golden commonplace upsurge is abiding do not decline.
21 centuries begin, the opposite maturity of science and technology and culture, mainland knight-errant is revitalized sadly eventually. However what knight-errant creation faces is hind Jin Yong times. Can say, jin Yong pushs knight-errant novel to an unprecedented height, and after he seals a pen, formed an unprecedented blank to knight-errant creation again. Xin Wuxia is created how the tremendous blank that fill gold needs place stays, be hind a task of Jin Yong times.
Writer of fiction of knight-errant of new fighting spirit " repair Luo Dao " the life ” that author pace is not smoke language to give breathtaking “ to want Ge Jinyong, she is in what the height takes the place of before preach “ is faced in rich guest gasp in admiration, awe-stricken, it is a kind of normal, be faced with a height do not think of enterprising, namely a kind timid. The height still can arise after the height, it is possible that I feel. May not is surmounted from absolutely height, but also can found from opposite height the value that oneself cannot replace. Of the Li Shang concealed with for instance medium Tang poetry at Li Du. ”
This also is Xin Wuxia culture development place must hold some manners and mission.
The network already entered the times of Web2.0, and the feature with 2 the oldest ages is play group wisdom, today no matter be the ” of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of “ Confucianist of Jin Daxia, or the ” of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of the “ Taoist school of flying smoke of pace of new fighting spirit, it is to be in content, doing innovatory change, so can be we denied make an innovation again on creation means? " the bright moon when the Qin Dynasty " the crystallization that creation is creation of wisdom of 2 mode group, by deceased and famous entrepreneur Mr Wen Shiren is led to reach famous knight-errant essayist Mr. Cao Zhengwen to cooperate with a batch of industry are outstanding knight-errant writer (include knight-errant, strange unreal, move free, course of study of movie and TV) the creation that undertakes origianl work novel, last a period of time two years. Undertake assorted to rigorous historical textual criticism and rich recreational element and obtain good balance, this novel also is " the bright moon when the Qin Dynasty " this China knight-errant moves free He Sui the play of the first drama adapts chief source. " the bright moon when the Qin Dynasty " cartoon divides a ministry in all, the first " 100 paces flying sword " will 2007 the Spring Festival saves screen synchronism heat to sow at each.
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