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" Long Daoji predestined relationship " make: "Think of a number especially " cr

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" Long Daoji predestined relationship " it is the film of complete 3D animation that first hundred Hong Kong makes, it is the computer animation film that global head ministry gives priority to a problem with kongfu more. Conceive creation from early days, make to computer animation, make to later period of the film that finish, 袛 spent the time of two years that make. Piece in all computer animation is made, all be by this more than 70 harbor computer moves painter, finish through trying hard one year to make between a long time. " Long Daoji predestined relationship " the mark is worn course of study of animation of Hong Kong computer steps into another new course of development.

" Long Daoji predestined relationship " it is the kongfu animation film that is setting with archaic China. Content modelling set goes to Pianzhongyouren setting decoration design is to be based on Chinese culture characteristic to be chief source, cooperate to be the behavioral design of material with authentic China wushu again, sufficient play culture and wushu are idiosyncratic. Picture respect applies animation of top 3D computer to make a technology, confluence of Chinese traditional characteristic at sophisticated science and technology in. To make computer animation character more can appear vividly at the audience at the moment, this piece more invite Mo Wenwei, Feng Delun, Wu Yan ancestor (English edition) , if Wu Jun reachs Zhan Ruiwen to be each animation part with sound lifelike show.

Film of animation of computer of 3D of ministry of Hong Kong head " Long Daoji predestined relationship " can be born smoothly, "Think of a number especially " trustee holds all computer inside CEO Cai Ms. Zhao Wenji and company concurrently to move painter and administrator, what came two years in the past is silent and cultivated reach pay, it is the main factor with successful movie. Add those who get the other unit that make is cooperative below, obtains achievement is more perfect.

Accumulated make after growing the experience that makes up cartoon collect, in 2002 " think of a number especially " the decision is noted endowment make give priority to a problem with setting of Chinese ancient time, the kongfu film that makes with animation of complete 3D computer " Long Daoji predestined relationship " .

   The flow that make

The making process of computer animation included character and setting set; Computer model builds a model; Dynamic set; Lamplight reachs simple sense set; Computer synthesis and specially good effect are made write with computer formula system, the each other that makes a branch each closes suitably, the group cooperative spirit is developed, just make businesslikely whole computer animation is made amount to to optimal effect.

   The character reachs setting set

" Long Daoji predestined relationship " story content is it is setting with Chinese ancient time, because this director reachs supervise the manufacture of to reach setting to design a respect in character modelling, dress, among the film of infuse of colour of Chinese traditional culture that hopes art guidance will be strong.
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