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Nanjing achieves cartoon to kill the whole world before entering 08 Olympic Game

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〝 occupies the industry data that we master, home is at present independent of production achieve digital cartoon to kill those who enter European market formerly, nanjing " Ou Yafeng cloud " should calculate the first. 〞 yesterday, network gigantic software (Nanjing) Yao Xiaoming of limited company manager discloses solely to the reporter, as there was 〝 animation Oscar last year the say 〝 France of 〞 is held high on the west animation section 〞 attends trading China exclusively to achieve animation film formerly, " Ou Yafeng cloud " now already by France famous animation makes an international in company look, bilateral combination production, issue an agreement to had been reached, " Ou Yafeng cloud " film edition plans to be in the whole world of archives of summer vacation time before the Olympic Games was issued 2008.

Finish draw materials of edition of TV of film edition redo hits into European history story at main forces of Mongolia of the Southern Song Dynasty " Ou Yafeng cloud " , the gigantic software of net of company of civilian battalion animation that is Nanjing mainland (Nanjing) limited company starts animation work of independent production formerly. According to Introduction Yao Xiaoming, held high in 〝 last year on the west animation section 〞 is photogenic in their France is famous animation company, it is at present " Ou Yafeng cloud " the presiding stylist that expedite, also be an international person of top class animation, already established finish " Ou Yafeng cloud " the ordinary members of theatrical troupe that make, planning to invite international Great Master of top class music is film dub in background music.

Company of animation of 〝 past home does era to machine business for foreign animation company mostly, " Ou Yafeng cloud " it is the first work that invites foreign animation Great Master to work for us. 〞 Yao Xiaoming says, at present " Ou Yafeng cloud " design of film edition script, concept, music, early days is issued open to booking etc, already started. This year October, they still will be taken " Ou Yafeng cloud " print, knock gently to 〝 France 〞 of accept animation section undertakes opening to booking.

〝 Nanjing moves force of free alliance 〞 to hold out " Ou Yafeng cloud "

The animation of computer of Nanjing raw power that established 〞 of alliance of recreation of 〝 Nanjing number last year in August makes color of dimension of animation of La Hai pig of limited company, Nanjing, Nanjing company of civilian battalion animation expressed the Nanjing such as science and technology of number of palm of dragon of celestial being of layout, Nanjing in succession yesterday, hold out force " Ou Yafeng cloud " kill into European market, carry on " Ou Yafeng cloud " the part of film edition makes the job.

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