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Homebred animation film: Revolution is far abortive

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The Children's Festival, cold summer vacation. This annual moment, homebred piece, in harmony piece, introduce an athletics contend. The data that according to the country wide total bureau announces shows, our country was made 2007 finish film of 6 homebred animation, make finish homebred TV cartoon 186. However, homebred piece (especially cartoon) resemble the baby with a flabby station, touch beautiful day Han hard to weigh gold to break the commercial film that come out.

Be in nearly 3 years, homebred piece, harbor is produced piece, in harmony piece, introduce a fight closely perpetual war diffuses. Among them, in harmony piece " the secret of treasure calabash " , harbor is produced piece " the Yangtse River 7 " passable with introduce an athletics of stand facing each other, in a way of its market performance makes a person comfort besides, other film of many 10 when show homebred animation falls in box-office and gloomy circumstance, nearly 9 become above fail to design development before show and appear on the market associated develop produce, in Chinese animation phylogeny of nearly 80 years, homebred animation film is rarely seen also its serve as somewhat on develop produce development and sale.

However, " chelonian of god of the person that bear 2 " , " the cat that add phenanthrene 2 " , " be out of shape King Kong " , " glacier times " , " Xiaozhan is resembled " , " inferior a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument confuses your kingdom with his " , " 4 day chicken " , " happy beetle-crusher, the commercialization with be mixed mature by right of its high grade animation content, powerful sale ability plans, gain the championship time and again on booking office and develop produce earn basin full earthen bowl is full.

This year " 61 " International Children's Day, shanghai art film studio was rolled out " calabash brother (theatrical edition) " , the cartoon that will add up to 130 minutes 22 years ago is new editing and rearrangement, become a film edition of 85 minutes, have person be this is a kind " dry up lustre and the development of fishing " and " the nostalgic sale that wine installs new bottle " , although a club for amateur performers of Beijing opera,already evened more up to now ten million, also rolled out " 7 calabash " among them a calabash (Gong Wa) product of toy of wool cloth with soft nap, however, this is business management of enterprise merely person the practice of p reaper.

relatively the United States, industry of movie and TV is on the front row of usury embellish industry in commercial society, because it can pass box-office income to make money not only, larger portion comes from the accrual at relevant product. The data shows, the United States is annual domestic box-office income amounts to 7 billion dollar, like that 27% what its portion occupies American movie industry only, income of the product after the film is occupied 73% . With the film " strategic defense initiative " for exemple, all and box-office income of this trilogy is 1.8 billion dollar, and its derived tasted income to exceed 4.5 billion dollar however. "Haing Li Bote " the appraise watch of this one brand is to break through 10 billion dollar, already appeared to breath out a variety of 500 toys such as kaleidoscope of benefit · baud, pencil case, stamp, dress, souvenir and stationery in the market now.
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