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" blue demon " of communism Utopian

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A lot of right at giving birth to 7, for the person of 80 time, " blue demon " this cartoon, it is the indispensable one part in accompanying their childhood to remember. After entering 21 centuries, this lively theme song " in that forest the sea mile there there have a flock of blue demon... " , had become the nostalgic object of generation person.

Belgium held the parade that commemorates blue demon birthday 50 years on June 13

" blue demon " English name cries " Smurf " , by Belgian famous caricaturist admire is made an appointment with (Peyo) creation, enjoy inside alive bound limits quite famous series of spent a cartoon. This is probably besides " Ding Ding adventure is written down " outside, this small country is opposite Belgium the another large contribution of culture of the caricature of the world, cartoon.   

Admire was born in Belgian capital Brussels 1928 about, original name Pierre Kulifo (Pierre Culliford) , one's early years is caricaturist of a column. The figure of blue demon, because very suffer audience welcome, he exhibited to give priority to series comic of horn with blue demon in the hair on this foundation. 6, seventies, it is blue demon is in Europe (basically be in French area and area of language of carry on one's shoulder) the most popular period. About meanwhile, blue demon also is made the black and white cartoon with color. At the beginning of 80 time, blue demon infiltrates American screen, obtained huge success. Soon, blue demon inbreaks China, become from now on 7, adolescent of 80 time generation grows medium spouse.   

These a bit history that is blue demon only stopped, itself pours without what particularly interesting place. Truly interesting is a few people to blue fairy tale and content unscramble -- especially, this kind unscrambles still have the market quite:

" blue demon " the flourishing period that is in Europe is 6, seventies, well-known, be in full swing of campaign of Western Europe left wing right now when. At that time, a lot of Western Europe intellectuals still are place of place of thoughts of multiform socialism, communism to be attracted deeply. Allegedly, " blue demon " the times impress that thought of some kind of socialism, communism also took in this cartoon. Even somebody suspects, " blue demon " a kind of be communism of conduct propaganda of author in order to and Utopian idea extraordinary step: The author hopes to use the form with inconspicuous literary children, will obtain its ambitious politics goal. Because of cartoon " blue demon " the object basically is children, on the sun body that perhaps explaining our painter is a hope 89 o'clocks in grow, engraft the ideal of some kind of communism, to baby people undertake revolution is taught secretly. The person that still have a favour points out, so called Smurf is allusive Soviet/Socialist Men Under Red Father essentially (the Soviet below gules father leader / socialistic people) , of course, this view is battle does not live of the foot, because be in origianl work, the name of blue demon is Schtroumpf, and the English that Smurf just is later is translated just.   
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