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" kongfu panda " : Reach by the watch in very " China "

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Kongfu panda is clicked enter below one page

Holding out the abdominous, panda A treasure that eat one's head off, turned salvation into the hero from stupid panda. Afterwards " beautiful magnolia " later, the Hollywood animation of another China subject matter is big " kongfu panda " Beijing will be in since tomorrow fair mirror. Yesterday, " kongfu panda " first show activity is held on Shanghai international film festival, booking office of place carry out also alled that day contribute Sichuan disaster area.

Put trailer music audience to still do not agree to leave field

Yesterday on first show ceremony, the person of panda A treasure appears in the spot occasionally, be held in both hands by audience heat. Occupy a square introduction, bigger than true person person of particularly custom-built panda A treasure occasionally, have 4 inside only, film shows around to be able to be in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong respectively and other places " ambulate " . In view of piece in the element is complete draw materials at China, issue square Ceng Yi to spend arrangement of ceremony of first show of whole world of plan general film to lie in Sichuan Long Ju goes, but this plan is hard and fast as a result of the earthquake. Director Si Difen dark the life state after also caring Chinese giant panda to experience an earthquake very, because this decides, first show booking office donates Sichuan disaster area. In the subsequently process that watch a shadow, every other rings a few minutes a laugh, applause, atmosphere is very enthusiastic. When putting trailer music, full-court audience still stays on the seat, for a long time does not agree to leave, this is in the cinema is very scarce.

Landscape building is mixed build China kongfu

" kongfu panda " light can experience driving Chinese wind from the name. The story is not complex, be in a long time ago in Chinese peace cereal, ham-handed panda A treasure, an ideal turns generation into the master namely. Good luck coincidence is able to learn to coati master later art, defeated fierce and brutal incomplete leopard, a Bao is before ultimate test eventually satori becomes kongfu Great Master.

Piece in palace of main setting jade and peaceful cereal, delegate palace building and landscape scene two kinds of landscape. Its built a style to imitate fierce to become mountain historic site, setting is quite enjoyable, the wash face of type of Li country water already traditional only beautiful. Landscape, Zhu Lin, China take, the Oriental element every kind such as temple is not little. To let a story not give oneself away, wait for even chopstick and green glair bowl detail very exquisite, piece medium animal people put on even path take, let panda eat removed steamed stuffed bun.
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