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Why is European animation industry inferior to the United States?

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French cartoon " float is written down "

The earliest animation movies on the history only then at 19 centuries 90 time, french Charles - emir · Reynolds (Charles- é Mile Reynaud) in placing graph slip the activity that designs in him himself to inspect lens, pass umbriferous device, make the picture projects on screen.

The American animation that rises abruptly after Europe succeeds to run mode in commerce of Yujipu's comfortable viewpoint of value and internationalization. Disney makes the United States " white snow princess and 7 small atomy " be considered as full-length film of the first animation normally, also be the earliest use special art color (Technicolor) cartoon, from now on Disney enters its golden age. Arrive from 1950 1980, as the arrival of commercial TV times, TV animation serials rises abruptly quickly in the United States, animation turns to the small screen by big screen.

The United States is moved free

Should use Chinese kongfu piece mode

The backside of system of American freedom, open economy is having the powerful culture that represents its core viewpoint of value soft actual strength. A long time before a lot of people do not know to turn to pure business to run gradually in Disney once was American government publicize a machine external. In recent years Japan is moved overflow and popular culture permeates the United States ceaselessly, so that child of most United States thinks Pokemon (pocket monster, the name is magical baby) the American cartoon that is a tunnel. On the other hand, be good at inducting foreign culture, gift comfortable feelings of the viewpoint of value of its oneself and general is the United States is moved overflow one of main reasons that obtain a success in the whole world. Among them recent example may be dream factory is about to be in what showed June this year is big " kongfu panda " , no matter used Chinese kongfu in great quantities from subject matter or formally piece mode.

Open and free, consistent it is the catchword that the United States advocates. Here premise falls, of Hollywood each are big ceaseless nibble wears studio of Europe and world each district move free market. Although studio of not all Hollywood is given priority to with making animation film, but they have decisive position. Abundant financing means them not only can ensure oneself animation subject matter is made having rich and generous budget, and the capital that still considers sale and sale place need adequately, this makes those European mainlands independent producer cannot contend to it at all. 2002, the United States in children market of England is made greatly occupied 74.5% , among them only Disney occupied the market share of 37% .
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