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Dishini scan widely latin america continues industrial globalization

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Dishini is delivering the view to latin america, aim to be Dishini channel seeks potential growth space. The foundation is current market condition, obtain bigger profit again in European market hard with each passing day, the company leads Dishini layer beforehand appraise arrives latin america market is a new point of growth. According to Dishini global channel (Disney Channels Worldwide) president Liji Ross (Rich Ross) during visitting London a few days ago, speak of to the reporter, "Below 15 years, latin america will be us (Dishini) economy boosts motivation, the other that Poland and Australia also can be Dishini grows the market. The other that Poland and Australia also can be Dishini grows the market..

Concerned data shows, be in European main area, of all kinds platform goes against Dishini with each passing day of channel issue, advertisement market also is in drop, because Europe restricts those who face children strictly " rubbish food " advertisement, force Dishini to reconsider channel operation so. With Liji Ross' word, european market now " a bit frozen " .

A period comes, dishini was made a series of act acts, aim to elevate industrial operation benefit, include to roll out satellitic TV channel in Spain, in give somebody a new lease on life of American native land market " Disney XD " channel brand, although this faces channel brand of the boy not to enter European market temporarily, but do not eliminate long future to enter.

Dishini can make quickly according to global economic trend and market condition on industrial strategy timely adjust. Dishini's strategy seeks first-class originality talent in the whole world namely, for Dishini channel creates program content. England is having in children TV respect extremely rich and generous accumulate, dishini won't abandon England absolutely, liji Ross says: "Here (England) the abundant ply of originality resource always stays to us have deep impression. " the global program that Dishini rolls out " princess of pilfer of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct " , it is to take from at BBC achieve a program formerly. Dishini catchs ability to the mining of market of diversity whole world, made example to move the internationalization that overflows an industry to extend really.

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