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First move free industry deepness to study the report will give furnace

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On September 11, " 2008 China move free industry to develop research to report " expert evaluation is met in Beijing University 56 courtyards hold Yan Nayuan, the conference by give aid to move free industry to develop department time joint meeting office is chaired, evaluation committee thinks consistently " 2008 China move free industry to develop research to report " mirrorred our country to move free industry year to develop a state in the round, achieved give aid to move free industry to develop department time requirement of precatory of joint meeting office, the task gives through. " 2008 China move free industry to develop research to report " at the end of this month in the hopeful after editing Fu Zi pressworks.

Join the department of market of culture ministry culture of the meeting to move free game to be in Song Jihui of deputy director general to express, from governmental point of view for, the research that moves free industry technically without one instinct still to develop the current situation and problem to undertake deepness is analysed in the light of China at present reports, in at present the country takes seriously energetically, below the setting that support moves free industry to develop, the power support of country of our have the aid of reports make up write, the purpose is obtain the fundamental current situation that moves free estate development from inside the report, and be forecasted to what its did not develop a trend and judge, drive from each respects thereby achieve an industry to come true formerly fast develop well again. As the ceaseless development that studies force, hope this studies the report can become the brand of industry originally.

The report is made up wrote Xiang Yong of group of assistant dean of academy of industry of culture of delegate Beijing University to report achievement, he introduced in detail from June 2007 the portion establishs task group to report through protocol draft of survey of outline, early days and data collect, all and edit, make up to what the portion finished report final version in July 2008 write working flow. Xiang Yong says, this report is with 4 big industries main body is research content, it is the academic core, home that is a foundation with data analysis in order to move free industry catenary the first will move free industry each are big what class undertakes unity analytic is omnibus. When analysing our country to move free industry to develop integral general situation, dean Xiang Yong assistant is run from main body of base of industrial policy, property, market, capital, what the respect such as product exit did a system is Baconian, these conditions explain, our country moves free industry to already had the good base that develops flourishingly. The conference decides to establish the evaluation committee that comprises by expert attending the meeting at the same time, peng Ji of assistant dean of college of art of appoint Beijing University is committee member of evaluation committee chairman like the professor.
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