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Global economy is low confuse Dishini face about is abroad pull litre of market

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Recently, dishini of channel " rock and roll green " (CAMP ROCK) European head is sowed. Company president holds Dishini concurrently CEO Bob Iger heads for Europe willingly, visit add to the fun. His breakfast in British London published one banquet to speak after the meeting, express Dishini to extend business at did not increase of purpose, but he did not disclose specific collaboration detail. Be like his place character, the company still is observing Dishini a few companies. Dishinixi hopes to be able to be searched with ESNP and Dishinipin card very the company of be identical, the hope can find the company that there is foreground in new technology domain, the hope can be found in Dishini company division issues the corporation that can get growing, the hope can be found having perfect management and the company that have growing force oneself.

Very apparent, the company pays close attention to Dishini very much new technology and new media domain, for instance ITV. Dishini already had early a few finance of a broadcast GMTV, the near future still purchased England Black Rock of company of a game, still have hearsay Dishini still wants to buy England the finance that Virgin Media of company of brand of famous new media is paying Fei Pin path UKTV. We know, at present global economy is in low confuse condition, this affected Dishini company of group of this one medium that cross a country. Bob Iger calls Dishini the company manage somewhat " rebound " , conduce to its casting off economy in the management business besides American mainland " uncertainty " . The dollar depreciates a motivate abroad tourist is mixed field to Dishinile Woerte Dishini of the world visit, added Dishini's accrual newly.

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