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"Teenager caricature king " appear on the market China is moved overflow the fir

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A few days ago, card inspect can send careful appoint release announcement, guangdong Ao Fei moves free culture Inc. head hair obtain through. This is meant, before long hind first " move free concept " will appear formally in field of A stock market.

Ao Fei share this second before issueing, total capital stock is 120 million, plan to issue 40 million. The net gain of partner of parent company of vest in of 2005 year of company, 2006 year, 2007 year is thirteen million six hundred and ninety-six thousand eight hundred yuan respectively, twenty-four million eight hundred and seventy-six thousand three hundred yuan, one hundred and twenty-eight million six hundred and thirty-six thousand three hundred yuan, the profit leap 2007 makes a person exclaim. Ao Fei share will use this second collect capital at moving free movie and TV to make to reach derive article industrialization project, move free derive taste manufacturing base to build project and market channel to optimize upgrade technical reformation.

Ao Fei share is the household company of one hundred percent. Before this second IPO, partner Cai Dong Qing, Cai Xiaodong (2 younger brother of Cai Dongqing) with Li Liqing (Cai Dongqing's mother) , add up to hold 100% , among them Cai Dongqing is held 68% . After IPO, 3 people are amalgamative hold a scale to will fall to 75% , still be in accuse a position absolutely. Manual of raise capital by floating shares shows, predecessor of Ao Fei share is toy of Ao Di of settleclear sea county industrial limited company, by Cai Dongqing contributive 800 thousand yuan are built, via be being added for many times endowment after reaching asset to recombine, register capital to already amounted to 120 million yuan at present.

At the beginning of holding water, ao Fei share produces a toy only, but move free movie and TV through be being achieved formerly in recent years piece the promotion that broadcast and alters free image, drove what use free toy sale accordingly to grow considerably. The company below its banner makes move work of free movie and TV to include " firepower teenager king " , manufacture " teenager caricature king " last year September head hair break through 60 thousand namely, achieve industry new record.
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