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China moves overflow new structure: New show gets coquettish patriarch earnestly

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Recently, by wide report total bureau was released about recommending 2008 the announcement of the 2nd batch of outstanding and homebred cartoon, two batches when release by total bureau up to now in all in light of the circumstance of 26 outstanding and homebred cartoon, hunan, Beijing is moved free still held dominant position, two ground become Jiang Zhe promising young person, it is to move the Guangdong that overflows patriarch to have a list of names posted up on 2 film two years only continuously however formerly. No matter be in the talent, still be the Guangdong on technology, environment, policy the province is to move free culture to be saved greatly, but the film amount of a list of names posted up on the Guangdong on the selection in outstanding and homebred cartoon and move the view photograph that overflows big province to go very far.

Guangdong province has 9 from 2005 ministry, after 5 work were judged to be outstanding and homebred cartoon by wide report total bureau 2006, 2007 and two years only 2 work were seleted 2008, come to Guangdong 4 years chant sound to 4 work are seleted among them, series of pig pig a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct is judged 8 years to be outstanding and homebred cartoon again.

Nearly 3 years, the moves those who overflow work to be judged to be outstanding cartoon overview of each district:

2005 9 5 1 7 9 6 0 2006 8 3 3 6 5 2 0 2007 5 7 6 6 2 3 1 2008 6 3 4 4 2 3 1 of Fujian of Shanghai of Guangdong of Hunan of Beijing Zhejiang Jiangsu

  Move free pattern to change sadly

From above data can see the support that overflows an industry to moving as each district, the pattern that uses free actual strength grows in this disappear those between produced change, two ground still held Beijing and Hunan to move the position that overflows the old, but Beijing still is made with CCTV give priority to, the substance that moving free industry is run on, be defeated by Hunan to prepare slightly.

2005 reach the Guangdong that held before using free actual strength 3 armour 2006, reached 2007 2008 criterion by Zhejiang, two ground swing Jiangsu to be apart from, occupy the Beijing of very preponderance 6 years, come nearly 2 years also by Hunan, zhejiang, jiangsu and other places overtakes, form Beijing, hunan, zhejiang, jiangsu, the pattern of much polarization of Guangdong and other places.

   New-style move free base swell appear foot

A few move free base newly to give aid to to moving those who overflow an industry as the country, developed oneself actual strength in succession, the show that rises newly for example -- Jiangsu Changzhou, among them 7 years 3 outstanding cartoon come from at Changzhou, share 6 work to be judged to be outstanding and homebred cartoon by wide report total bureau to 8 years. Divide outside right result is obtained on work creative work, changzhou also built move base of research and development of the produce that overflow develop, production, offer a service external in the round, current, many 10 cartoon developed the develop produce of about a hundred breed, already sold in the market, obtain not common achievement.
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