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Magenshidanli: China moves free market to may enter high speed to grow period

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WWW.ZHONGMAN.COM 2008-8-27 20:32:59 daily of the first finance and economics

Magenshidanli studies the data of the ministry shows: Chinese general in 5~10 the implementation inside year moves free property production value to occupy GDP scale to achieve 1% , of China move free cartoon market to may enter high speed to grow period.

Magenshidanli's reason is: China has 14 years old of 300 million the following children, exceeded American total population. Because Chinese children majority is a singleton female, it is the home is medium " small emperor " and " small princess " , its buy ability to not allow small gaze.

Nevertheless, country's biggest cartoon business Hong Mengka connects a group (next weighing " grand dream " ) presiding apparitor Wang Jing tells " daily of the first finance and economics " : "Cartoon industry of China should grow that degree of the United States and Japan, still very long way wants, this and we start to have immediate impact late. " because Disney has had on hundred years history, animation industry of Japan also had grown a few years.

Consumptive ability also affected the development of line of business of Chinese native land cartoon. Come from report data of Magenshidanli to show, china moves year of sale of free industry to have Disney only company year 10% of sale. According to estimation, cartoon of average per capita consumes Chinese children only 5 yuan of RMBs, occupy the 7%~8% that food, dress consumes.

In addition, the deficiency of respect of protection of domestic intellectual property also goes against mickey mouse of figure of this kind of classical cartoon grow.

" rainbow cat blue hare "

Grand dream held water 2004, be apart from today only 4 years of time. Nevertheless, grand dream manufactures " 7 a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct pass rainbow cat blue hare " the beautiful accomplishment that once achieved countrywide average viewing rate to be as high as 10% .

The per cent that at present China moves free industry to occupy GDP is only 0.5% , and it is when 2004 0.07% . Overflow an industry to support a nation to move, wide report total bureau once released an announcement, since May 2008, ban the gold time of foreign cartoon sow limitation to be lengthened from dot of 5~8 of midday of every the world in the evening at 9 o'clock. Set at the same time, homebred cartoon must occupy every and daily cartoon to broadcast the 70% above of gross.
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