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Round-the-world entrepreneur: Does Hong Mengneng save China to move free industr

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Add in China fast the sharpest children consumable market, those who commercialize degree lowest move free industry hopeful to be changed. Thrust? A flock of retail trade " dilettante "

If make a film about Chinese animation course of study, it should be such:

Be in rising and falling fluted between the landscape picture scroll with dripping wet, a flock of people scale that are full of creativity acting 1940 " iron fan princess " , acting 1960 " small tadpole looks for mom " and " be troubled by heavenly palace greatly " , and acting 1980 " Xi Yueji child " . Span spatio-temporal, they build the state that gives to be full of fancy.

If right now the movies ends, roll a caption, ending should be " everybody joy, happy life is worn... " but no less than normally the peak loop in animation turns, as outside force inbreak -- here, it is " animation industry is commercialized " -- the world goes for it. In 20 years of in the past, no matter Chinese consumer, still be animation from personnel of course of study, realize animation course of study is a domain that affects teenage consumption habit very gradually, but this Chinese country that has 14 years old of 300 million the following population, not was born however of a maturity commercialize animation to create an orgnaization. Even, creativity appears subsequently wither, it is almost in 20 years, china takes up the post of the animation work that why is worth commend without production.

Also ever a few try to get used to the poineering company of new game regulation. When 2005, this print ever was in the name is " move the gold that overflow refine " the company that reported 3 undertake commercial pattern fumbles differring at that time in the article (the detail lands to examine please) . But their ending already saw outcome:

-- founded 1986 at Taiwan, come at moving 1992 inland, division of more than 800 animation has been had when 2005, obtain the Nanjing grand eagle of 6689 yuan of profit because of acting industry Wu, try to cut brand market in order to abstain animation for a time, the effect not after beautiful, 2007 the bottom sells Hong Kong Yuhuang face 51% share with 40.8 million yuan.

-- by inspect of Hong Kong card Liang Dingbang of conference former chairman founded 1997, the round-the-world number that appears on the market in Hong Kong subsequently, begin to make from 2000 homebred film of the first completely three-dimensional animation " Mo Bisi annulus " . Round-the-world at that time number is home of hope give attention to two or morethings, abroad two markets, but after the film was shown 2006, 130 million yuan of investment close finally so that 3 million yuan a club for amateur performers of Beijing opera only.

-- ever made what there is televise of many 1000 TV station in the whole nation " blue cat is naughty 3000 ask " Hunan 3 celestial bodies, it is home tries the earliest to spread out derive the animation company that tastes business, but the product that its amount to 6600 kinds to contain blue cat figure for a time, did not let its become " industry of Chinese children health the first brand " , taste a product because of health care of a blue cat instead unqualified owe agency payment for goods and be closed down by the court, and credit is hurt greatly.
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