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Press 10 to boycott the Tokyo International Animation Festival Animation

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A few days ago we reported to, Kadokawa to resist the "young able-bodied bred Ordinance," announced its withdrawal from next year's Tokyo International Animation Festival news. Today, the first rise up in the corner of Sichuan after the peasant uprising as a spark like a prairie fire developed. Three young comic magazine publishers, Shueisha, Kodansha and Shogakukan also joined the boycott of the Tokyo International Animation Festival in the ranks. In addition to several industry leaders, there are bookshops Akita, Tide, Futabasha, Leed, Baiquan Club, Junior Pictorial also joined the boycott. Politicians and the publishing industry in this game is exactly what kind of results, we can only hold a play wait and see mood. Kubo people of death with its micro-Bo has also publicly supported the boycott of 10 community TAF's decision. In fact, Shueisha had not personally involved in the TAF, but they can let out its comic book movie exhibitors. No obligation to guess the original author in advance should be like this: several industry giants, a senior club in the Ginza, a collection (similar to the goods in the Wall Street scene 2), first language greetings Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara's ancestors eighth generation, and then said, If you can not sell meat walking a fine line, how miserable, how will sales talk, maybe some of the consortia will be mergers and acquisitions in China ... ..., indicating the importance of resistance, the strategy is to develop a total of three, first, by Kadokawa led boycott of the first TAF Second, please go to Members where lobbyists to lobby (and we do not know a lot of little tricks) Third, to incite A house up to the pressure on the government.
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