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You know a few of these cartoons childhood memories nostalgia breakdown Anima

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"Magic Brush Ma Liang", "Monkey King", "hedgehog back watermelon" ... ... those familiar with the Chinese animation, you see Guoji Bu? Recently, friends "little witch Jue," produced a "chronicle of Chinese animation," post at the End of the World After the issue, brought back a lot of friends nostalgia. 200 cartoon you've seen what? 1940 "Princess Iron Fan" to the 2004 "Butterfly Lovers", User "Little Witch Jue" self-made "Chinese animation Chronicles" almost 60 years, including nearly 200 of China's cartoon. China's first color puppet film "Little Heroes", China's first color cartoon, "Why is the black crows", won international awards in the "Monkey King", with traces of Disney's "Lotus Lantern " ... ... "Chronicle of the Chinese animation" from the time of the birth of animation, content, type, impact, etc., and accompanied by animated screenshot or poster about China 60 years animated. User "Jia Jia Witch j" said he especially liked, "my friend dolphins," the entire film without a line, but especially beautiful music and pictures. User "feet Red No Color" to see pictures of these cartoons after "Want to up the two films," The Pig eating watermelon "and" Laoshandaoshi "." Many netizens said that these cartoons brought back memories of his childhood. Netizen "into every Fan Day," said the child wants to remember keep a small stool while carrying a case of television. User Relay improve the "Chronicle" The quote is issued, not only brought back memories of friends, but also attracted many users Relay added "little witch Jue," no mention of the cartoon, to further improve the users made this "Chronicle of Chinese animation." User "vivian_806124" said that post found themselves behind the fact, many have seen it. Either landlord send pictures, do not remember. He also added a "bible adventures," said the good this cartoon explosion Read. User "charlotte21703", adding that there are "black sergeant," "Haier Brothers", "gourd doll." 90 familiar with the "radiant with the Wolf" has not been down, been friends eleven added. One nostalgic wonderful animation style, the classic story, but also to many users lamented, "compared to the current animation, I like to see the kind of movie before." Row the sky "really amazing." User "We have the vest," said. Friends "by spring the dark," that adorable cartoon before, the story good, voice is also in place.
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