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China road to the world of animation

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On the surface, in 2008 swept the world of the "Twilight" (Twilight) movie and is designed to teach children the basic financial knowledge of Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett) between the cartoon series, and there is no direct link . But the number of stars - the animation and special effects company in China, has more than two operations to intervene. If you read "Twilight" fight scenes in the strange color of the sky, then you have to see the stars in the company's post production results. Star companies, dozens of low-cost services to the Western film animation and computer graphics, the Chinese company, has "Changeling Supremacy" (changeling), "Tropic Thunder" (Tropic Thunder) and other films to add special effects. Currently, the stars for the international market, the company hopes to develop original content, not just a film industry outsourcing provider. Their efforts on Mr. Buffett. Buffett business America Online (AOL) web channel of child care and English language for children cartoon series "Secret Millionaire Club" provides the voice. This series every few minutes, that is, Mr. Buffett and his masters of animation, there is enough time to pass their value. Stars in the company with a U.S. company AS Entertainment (A Squared Entertainment) co every show. AS entertainment by the animation director 安迪海沃德 (Andy Heyward) and his wife 艾米莫妮汉海 Ward (Amy Moynihan Heyward) held in Los Angeles who presided over by the script and voice work. "'Millionaire club' is a group of our investment goals for children, part of strategy" to talk about intellectual property rights, 37-year-old star said company president Wang Lifeng. "The dangerous effects of outsourcing is that we and other Chinese companies in a price war animated films." Mr. Wang said. AS America Online and the stars have received two other series of children's animation business. One is "GiGi and green teams" (Gigi and the Green Team), the story is supermodel Gisele Bundchen (Gisele Bundchen) as a hero fighting for environmental protection; the other is the "Martha and friends" ( Martha and Friends), mainly about 10-year-old Martha runs a tree house in the planning of the company's story. "GiGi" Ms. Bundchen has been licensed, premiered last month in Brazil began; At the same time, "Martha and friends" also received permission in December plans for children to AOL users debut. The company also stars and co-National Wildlife Federation a "baby wildlife adventure," the animated series, the target group for preschool children, and began some public television stations in the United States began to play. Like many peers, the stars enter the international market, companies are driven by ambition, began to seek government support to help China to promote clean energy vehicles and industry. State Administration of Radio, Film and Television announced the policy last year for film, television and animation projects set up financing, and give tax breaks. Southern China's Jiangsu Province, is a $ 45,000,000 project, one of the largest stakeholders. This project will help in Wuxi, a star within the steel mill to be built into the studio. This is the third star sites in China, Mr. Wang said, the employee 200. Currently, the stars in Beijing, already has more than 300 computer graphics programmers, artists, and producers, a branch company in Anhui Province have 30 employees. Despite the production agreement and state support, the stars know that the success of a global or very difficult to guarantee. This industry, it is worth warning example is the animated film "Through Moebius Strip" (Thru the Moebius Strip). The movie tells of a young boy to travel to distant galaxies to rescue his father. It consists of an animation company in Shenzhen to spend 20 million to build, and the story is the first 3D animation minister articles. But when it in 2005 when the Cannes Film Festival, the international distributor did not show interest. "Moebius" failed in China, the domestic box office is only 300 million U.S. dollars. Chinese companies cater to an international audience on the experience of very little. Although the government billions of dollars of industry support, the animation studio last year over one million, compared to 2002, this figure was only 120, but most companies are in the low-quality domestic distribution cartoons. This is why the stars to operate their own training school. Star Animation Training Institute enrolled 1,500 students, and hopes to recruit outstanding students and provide them with reliable two-year diploma and full-time professional training. Even so, the stars are still "very difficult to move closer to Western animation company, and hire top-notch programmer," executive producer 史蒂芬卡茨 stars (Steven D. Katz) said, "Our biggest problem is that professional skills." The layout of the test in China stars. If both, they must consider before on television, "the secret millionaire club" which programs to go. In addition to adding Mandarin dubbing, they go through the approval of SARFT, to be regarded as politically sensitive content review. Wang hopes to release the film next year and look forward to Mr. Buffett happily hundreds of millions of young Chinese say, "no problem." "Teach the principles of making money, is considered a healthy thing." Wang said.
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