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Cartoon the Chinese five thousand years General History of China Records

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Mizuki by the Shanghai Animation History Animation major in English and Chinese, "China five thousand years," a recent CCTV International Channel, and the Americas Taiwan, the European platform at the same time broadcast. "China five thousand years of" full 51 set, is divided into ancient, the Gu, Xia Shang Zhou, Warring States, Qin, Han, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties and other chapters, covering the history of that myth, history, culture, celebrity stories, etc., about the dawn of time, the system demise, King Wu and Zhou culture , Confucianism , The Art of War, Han dynasty, the Silk Road and other historical and cultural stories. "China five thousand years of" creative team won the Australian National University, MBA, doctoral graphics image, management expert, has won the National Animation First Prize team and the director of children's literature prize winner Bing screenwriter, production team. Approved by the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo, the Expo in English, "China five thousand years," audio and video products has become of Expo.
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