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Homebred golf encourage annals cartoon " lane " be about to show

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" lane " placard

Need not the modelling of Q edition, without knight-errant kongfu, not be archaic fokelore -- " lane " it is such an animation film: Its modelling with green vogue, vigor 4 ejaculation music, the green breath that build blow on the face and comes. Telling about ordinary Everyman is the film of sports encourage annals that the golf that how accomplishs him dreams.

" lane " stage photo

It is reported, " lane " will meet at second half of the year and audience.

Thick look under, " lane " type of great on modelling style day: The aesthetic tendency that figure scale of the character, part designs and Japanese animation character have similar office. But, film was not in day type cartoon loses ego in this kind of strong culture, it absorbed the advantage with day type elegant, rigorous cartoon, be in at the same time of language of smooth shadow, camera lens apply on, according to golf the characteristic of this motion, formed nature only beautiful and have erupt the integral style of force.

This piece creation group is exceedingly young change, from the market the plan makes the youth that is all of one suit to later period, production just is bold more enabled 80 hind director. These reflected production adequately to just hope to break homebred animation etiquette, bring the determination of brand-new perspective for the audience. because such, " lane " world outlook take root at 80, the current situation of growing environment of light person of 90 the year after next and culture of native land golf, both the collision between, make " lane " gut produced native land and peculiar viewpoint of value, also be the incorporeal place that creation group do one's best reflects -- namely animation film of China needs to make the core value that needs to possess stock reality sense more excellently already, the creation that casts off general to preach blames a circle.

Pass and create the communication of personnel, a bit cicada film is medium: Figure of hero Wu pine torch is prototype with Jin Chengwu; And the heroine mixing blood of a golden hair flies snow, be to consult in inchoate scale Palisixierdu's figure, what because its are too Bohemian,the human skeleton again later is temperamental, creation personnel needed to adjust according to gut again. The collocation of Chinese and Western that does not know such trying to be unique can bring what kind of effect to work. Of course, want concede points business the hero with small business of tall, affection is in film stand out, little still not a crucial role: Bei Bei -- this is nifty and randy, the lever of ball of tiger head form of babble is covered, the other one side that the good friend of since hero also is his heart world...
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