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" kongfu panda " loss of person of animation of home of record of film of box-of

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Basis " kongfu panda " issue square statistical data, end Tuesday, " kongfu panda " countrywide booking office had been achieved 52 million, break the record of animation film booking office of 58 million to had been without be concerned about today, and this show still be less than a week time. Before this, this record stayed 2006 " the cat that add phenanthrene 2 " go up. In become animation film to be after China's new box-office champion, " kongfu panda " ascend body " 100 million yuan of clubs " it is time problem only.

The panda of time of a meeting gets in China enthusiastic gay at the same time, the Chinese element in film also became an audience most the topic of take delight in talking about. Since be Chinese element completely, why is China patted piece relaxed, do laugh " kongfu panda " ? Netizens gave out such challenging.

Taking such doubt, the reporter walked into Shanghai art film studio. If someone says Chinese cartoon is too heavy, and discovery of the reporter after be being interviewed, chinese cartoon is having the load of heavy on person, come from brutal market, more come from them not to put the sense of responsibility below.

Cast a technology to cast capital, the disposition of Oriental decided we won't have not only " kongfu panda " , more decided we won't have A Bao -- , one is full of the character from ridicule spirit. Want, say to panda A treasure when dragon of bold flood dragon " you do not belong to here " and when firm firm shuts the gate, change us, can you be outside the door as before all over the face does smile ground say " adore you very much oh " ?

Artist (artist) , be in abroad, this word can be used point to popular star -- , those who perform the film, sing. And be in China, this word can'ts help the ground is heavy rise, with another word " the market " having disparate accent.

Zheng Hu of assistant factory director of Shanghai art film studio says, the money with this the biggest plant, it is the artist that has a batch to be full of artistic passion, they created countless valuable culture high-quality goods a few years in the past. " fine of divine pen horse " , " be troubled by heavenly palace greatly " , " 3 bonze " , " black cat superintendent " , " calabash brother " ... inside works of picture is in the beauty, sticking these classic form a few years ago everywhere.

Be in China, artists maintained homebred animation industry, film of first a lot of art, by artists brushstroke brushstroke picture comes out. And ocean the other shore, it is a flock of businessmen are doing cartoon, from inside already mature movie industry branch comes out, had automation line high-quality goods then " kongfu panda " .

Domestic animation is chronic " shake "
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