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Add culture surprise again for Beijing Olympic Games " Fu Wa " behead obtains Ji

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" blessing child Olympic Games overflows travel notes " stage photo

In the TV of the 24th China that just ends in appraise through comparison of Jin Ying award, by Beijing TV station, Beijing animation blocking cruel is defended inspect make, the 100 collect cartoon that is subject matter with 2008 Beijing Olympic Games " blessing child Olympic Games overflows travel notes " , the optimal cartoon that is fond of alignment of large award of award of the eagle that obtain gold award, become current Jin Ying award is sole the cartoon that a behead obtains Jin Ying large award.

According to introducing, the expert commissioner that attends appraise through comparison expresses, " blessing child Olympic Games overflows travel notes " behead obtains large award, because this theme is major,be, make elegant, playwrite choiceness, can inspect a gender strong, all and homebred cartoon that together with viewing rate exceeded the corresponding period to broadcast and introduce cartoon, publicized Olympic Games spirit effectively; 2 because this initiated new pattern of homebred animation televise,be, came true to be in TV station of countrywide a hunderd schools, close 20 provincial defend inspect heat of the corresponding period of stage and CCTV movie channel to sow, be in of video of countrywide railroad video, aviation video, taxi of public transportation subway " sea land is vacant " all-around televise, the wide attention of the media outside causing 20 much family circumstances and report continuously, produced very extensive influence in international home; 3 it is in books sale, sound resembles this issueing waited for industrial operation respect to also undertake active exploration, obtained delectable achievement, made to the industrial development of homebred cartoon set an example effectively, consequently behead obtains large award is people's expectations place returns.

It is reported, subject matter of work of participating animation of award of eagle of gold of TV of the 24th China is rich, style diversity, filled fission to show two years to Chinese cartoon is created and make level, and was revealed move the development posture that overflows an industry. " blessing child Olympic Games overflows travel notes " because each respect performance is superior, ever obtained repeatedly the throughout the country is little large award of program high-quality goods and animation high-quality goods, " Asian youth moves free contest " optimal work reward, " golden panda award " , " Jin Long award " , " golden finger, hold golden eagle award in both hands finally alone optimal cartoon is big award.
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