Yumeng of CEO of the 5th animation comes: Playing money is the greatest skill

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19 years old of Russia before going study abroad. 27 years old enter a country company of large imports and exports trades. 30 years old establish D5 animation company from look forward to of found a state. 32 years old establish antique furniture company, special have deep love for Chinese culture.

Yu Menglai, chi Zha China achieves the 5th animation of animation bound to make limited company CEO formerly. One is hitting ear hammer, foot step big

Everybody archives

5 animation make Yumenglaidi limited company CEO

Be born time: 1972

Native place: Beijing

Graduate school: Muscovite university art is

"Adventurous history "

1996 -- , 1999 Beijing some is large state-owend enterprise.

1999, he and 4 associate of be congenial to are initiated in Beijing established D5 space atelier (D5Studio) , make from computer animation groom build up, d5 space begins to carry on gradually the treatment of large animation is made.

In June 2004, limited company of ability new international invests D5 space with the form of share.

2005 the middle ten days of a month, the first of D5 space achieves three-dimensional cartoon formerly " vegetable darling " come out, investment achieves nearly 10 million yuan, be as long as 52 collect.

All previous of all corners of the country is experienced

State-owend enterprise church the path that he makes money

Yu Menglai of 35 years old is graduated from Muscovite university art to fasten. Although be Manchu, but the blood relationship that he sits down to say he has a half belongs to Guangdong, because his grandfather is guest family. Yu Menglai says him " love a picture as a child, result is right in one's childhood, but went up high school hind is washed-up " , so when 19 years old, he sends to go to Muscovite university taking advanced courses in the home. In Moscow, he experienced training of 6 years of professional canvas. He says, after going back to the motherland, he feels confused, arrive from a campus environment that has the rule very much another environment, he feels very unfamiliar, not know what to do. Original he stayed in Hong Kong half an year, do not know what oneself should do, adjusting, do east, do on the west. On July 1, 1996, he enters work of firm of a large imports and exports of Beijing.

Stayed 3 years in the state-owend enterprise, for Yumeng, see an unit everyday in 40 years old - 50 years old of right-and-left colleagues, the shadow that he saw he himself did not come it seems that. "If stay in the state-owend enterprise again,go down, future my contrail should be how, as clear as day. " so the sort of feeling lets him feel " abysmal " . Yu Menglai has deep feeling ground to say very much: "The person understands future is met occasionally is how after one and the same, feel particularly uninteresting. Feel particularly uninteresting..

Speak of state-owend enterprise experience of a few years, yu Menglai laughs at character, sum up for fun between the friend occasionally, say the state-owend enterprise can make groups big clear, the profitable channel pop chart that is in China is respectively: National money had better earn, the 2nd money that is a foreigner, final ability discharges the money of the market.
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