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The tenet creation of ● company achieves animation to achieve international formerly level

● company brief introduction

The limited company of design of Zhuhai city loco that make already had 5 years of animation to machine piece the experience that make, and came nearly one many year, basically be right achieve animation formerly make, the company is bold the commercial act mode that draws lessons from cartoon of international success movie and TV, absorbs the management concept with advanced industry of animation of global movie and TV, introduce top-ranking animation and image sound to make equipment, build the creative work that starts animation formerly and production. Passed 5 years of treatment to cartoon to make experience, 2004, the company inducted the professional animation with youthful ﹑ of large quantities of one tall record of formal schooling to make a talent, reached the ability 朮 ﹑ that comes from Hong Kong to old and three-dimensional animation makes experience to run a talented person, developed the three-dimensional animation that has own intellectual property successfully to make with platform of applied ability 朮, created " Ba Buxiong cat " reach " unreal travel notes " , built design of figure of a cartoon-----Programming----Brand image accredit----Develop produce with the catenary of industry of an organic whole that with city Yi sale each link promotes mutual and compensatory benign loop each other. The company will use much breed, the management means of much channel, form a dimensions enterprise from the development outside introversion. Come for years, our company in order to have deep love for, creation, dedication is a principle, offer healthy and beneficial, contain to teach Yu Le's animation the program for teenager children with the oldest flame, consecratory we a love is achieved again for animation career brilliant!

● brand introduction

Zhuhai city loco designs the limited company that make, devotes oneself to to develop home to achieve animation formerly, those who and have own intellectual property is former achieve cartoon brand---" Ba Buxiong cat " and " unreal travel notes " . 

" Ba Buxiong cat " it is with every collect is one collect 7 minutes. The story is the animation on the three-dimensional net that serves as leading role occasionally with cloth, type with provisional film for two tall film for world outlook, tell about film one hits kongfu panda with meeting familial the drama of place of essay of full length and successive life that gives priority to line story. And piece in all parts divide shadow field outside the staff member, all is this actor. Content is cover drama anthology then through what they film and take a panda familial li of life of everybody is daily thing, include humour, lovely, offend laugh, warmth waits all sorts of elements a moment. 

" unreal travel notes " it is to tell about a mad science
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