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Divine pen brief introduction

The limited company of divine pen animation that make is founded 2002, it is the movie and TV of animation of high starting point that senior personage joins in and establishs by animation bound makes professional orgnaization. Divine pen animation thinks the wide audience such as teenager children creates a theme tall, China achieves bright, artistic quality formerly first-rate cartoon is oneself, build the internationalization industry that gives priority to body with animation to develop base.
After Beijing god pen founds, the limited company of animation of Hangzhou god pen that make is registered hold water, garrisoned Hangzhou 2005 the country moves free property base; Animation of Shenzhen god pen made limited company hold water 2006, in Shenzhen happy scene country moves free base to hold water.

Since divine pen animation holds water, the top level that attracted line of business of large quantities of one's own profession creates a talent, professional technology force is abundant. Through swift and violent development, already became at present it is the foundation, top-ranking animation manufacturer that is specialty with three-dimensional cartoon with contemporary and new and high technology. What divine pen animation pays attention to the research and development that has compositive technology oneself and work development is former achieve a gender, the work of animation movie and TV to big theme of whole society dedication, large investment, efficient, high quality. Course of study of divine pen animation already became part advertisement of animation of 2 dimension, three-dimensional part, animation piece, originality of development of software of FLASH animation short film, multimedia, TV program, advertisement is made, movie and TV films and the later period editor and serial caricature, creation that insert a picture is reached move free talent to groom etc muti_function, .

Independent development created the limited company of divine pen animation that make with " Martian child " those who be brand image is former achieve large animation feature film " Martian child learns a Chinese character " , " Martian child beneficial wisdom Bao " , " brave enters demon brilliant island " , " Martian child health grows " , .

" Martian child learns a Chinese character " in all 52 collect, every collect 22 minutes, include 52 magical and interesting animation stories, 150 many delicate only the United States and fresh and lovely cartoon part, 300 many originality are novel the animation literacy card with dramatic image, and many 100 droll wisdom " literacy is aided write down Tong Yao " . The dispatches from foreign news agency of more than 40 country such as TV station of kylin of Oriental TV station of this centrally TV station, Beijing TV station, Shanghai, North America, Indonesian TV station inspects a stage to broadcast, created the high viewing rate of Chinese cartoon, entered a CCTV little before program viewing rate 10; The viewing rate of 8.4 was created when televise of Shanghai Oriental TV station, got the warm reception of children, obtain the parent and the sufficient affirmation that teach a bound.
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