Ministry of CCTV animation technology

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Ministry of CCTV animation technology is major is engaged in cartoon cartoon production and TV economy kind the business section of programming. Existing month produces program of 200 minutes of animation and day to produce the making ability of 4 hour TV programs.

The equipment of animation technology ministry that make is advanced, it is Chinese home has the state-owned animation of actual strength to make one of units most. This make a system besides large-scale animation (80 computers are comprised) beyond, still have: The studio of total number word, ENG and editor system, quantel later period makes a system, avid is nonlinear editor system, davinci color is corrective system, media-100 multimedia system.

Animation technology ministry recruits an employee 210 more than person, of all kinds originality, design and producer just formed an army that possesses higher professional level. Scientific management, efficient movement, punctual good reputation is enjoyed inside course of study with what high quality makes.

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