River connect animation: Fight for the dream

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3 years battalion accepts average increase rate 82.57%

Battalion closed 2005 (10 thousand yuan) 4000

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Be engaged in the enterprise that cartoon makes as a major, overseas established branch and agency, business development is rapid, have very good foreground -- Wang Dezhi, director of management center of fund of innovation of technology of science and technology of ministry of science and technology medium and small businesses

The United States has Disney, japan has Jiboli, where is China?

After the interview undertook 40 minutes, zhu Youlan stands up suddenly, say to the secretary of outer room: "To me a cup of strong tea comes to bubble, I sit to have a particle here tired. I sit to have a particle here tired..

Before be interviewed this, zhu Youlan just ended a paragraph of last a period of time the international of half many month travels, exhibit in what Japan and French and other places attend all sorts of concerned animation meeting. In a few days after returning Wuhan, she got up at 6 o'clock every morning, begin to examine all sorts of file data in the home next, came to a company at 8 o'clock in the morning, should arrive in the evening 7, ability came off work at 8 o'clock.

"I why busy, because a lot of things are pioneering job, want to ponder over it. " the Zhu Youlan that is full of tired look says. The river that has had 6 years of histories connects animation Inc. to be in the entrance of an ascendant passageway to be in at present. 2005, river connect a made ministry to achieve cartoon formerly " the sky drops a pig 8 give up " centrally TV station achieves the high viewing rate of 4.17% during the Spring Festival, become one of 9 when total bureau of national wide report recommends outstanding and homebred cartoon. Subsequently, " the sky drops a pig Ⅱ of 8 give up " , " boy cheap 3 " wait for a few large achieve cartoon to begin to make formerly. By pure for foreign animation company era is versed in development achieves animation formerly, jump the Zhu Youlan of a new platform, need system ponders over the value catenary of animation industry.

Be in Japan this exhibit on the meeting, zhu Youlan saw the animation modelling of company of a Japan, this is the modelling that this company buys from Europe, "Particularly lovely, like even me to go up that modelling. " Zhu Youlan realizes place of this animation modelling is had at the same time derive taste development value. "I feel that thing suits to do a toy particularly. The family should have good originality only, the TV station is sowed, toy manufacturer, stationery firm wants to be made an appointment with with his autograph, the hope can develop the sale of relevant product. The hope can develop the sale of relevant product..

To cartoon, besides income is obtained when broadcasting, subsequently develop produce development just is bigger golden mine. "For example " lion king " , its cost spent 76 million dollar, broadcast the market closed 7.5 100 million, and (derive) product market income 2 billion U.S. dollor. " Zhu Youlan says.
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