Limited company of science and technology of number of chant of dragon of Hangzh

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Main work:
" aid is official " large and three-dimensional achieve cartoon formerly, " story of west lake folklore " one of series
" ultimate hurricane " fashionable motion cartoon

The company reachs project brief introduction:

The predecessor of limited company of science and technology of number of chant of dragon of Hangzhou flourishing age is the crank number animation with famous industry, working group of STUDIO of   of AZURE of the group that make was built 2000, it is at present home provides the content of 3D number recreation of actual strength to make one of business relatively, its core product is the three-dimensional number animation that is based on computer logo picture to make, devote oneself to to develop industry of digital animation content, strive makes the digital recreation that has international influence make entity, offer high grade number content for of all kinds media. Company group has animation of 10 years to make experience, have once participated in the animation division that ministry cartoon makes Disiniduo, and the professional 3D model, chromatic team that make, be in make the technical support that gets Alias corporation, the image of most advanced 3D such as use MAYA makes software finish the making flow of animation of a complete set of and specially good effect, technical level is in domestic lead position, especially with animation of natural and fluent manual and crucial frame and efficient automation line, in digital content the bound that make enjoys higher prestige. What the company developed independently 2002 is brand-new of the style " GAME " obtain drama of animation of Beijing broadcast institute to make large award, the Chinese folklore that created 2003 of the story " aid is official - fly peak " those who obtained Shanghai multimedia guild to sponsor " matches of 2004 animation of CG of whole nation of new spatio-temporal cup " large award. The 3D technology that the company also develops with proper motion was made for west lake exposition 2002, 2003 advertisement are publicized piece, contributed oneself force for Xibohui.

The company began to start a plan 2003 " Chinese folklore story " piece make -- " aid is official " , tell about aid fair lifetime to be full of the achievement of legend sex, chivalrous sex. The company deduces this classic fabulous tale with brand-new computer technology and artistic union. Except generation enormous social beneficial result is mixed this besides economic benefits, still having important historical culture import, its gist is Chinese nation culture is revealed to the whole world, it is the figure project that drives digital China and teenage ethics education. Make finish become the interpreter each country language to be in the world each are big the TV station broadcasts in succession.

Another main item of company " ultimate hurricane " it is the cartoon of teenage fashionable God that is development of subject matter setting with ultimate motion, divide a ministry in all at present, every 26 collect, every collect 22 minutes. Teenager of a talent was behaved what to challenge limit of ego, breakthrough ceaselessly is in in the fight with dark force with gimmick of relaxed, recreational in drama growing experience. This drama confluence is of all kinds and fashionable element, with adolescent of nowadays of three-dimensional animation expression very zealous limit moves -- continuously platoon annulus is slippery, add the Hip-Hop music style that by Australia famous music person designs, light clue rhythm, modelled the fashionable cartoon God that provides disposition characteristic each. This piece develop from commercial angle, the recreational demand with suit nowadays little blueness, be sure to form new fashionable agitation.
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