Limited company of animation of movie and TV of dragon of Hangzhou east country

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Insert on 7 kinds of wing for good dream, let samite future all catch fashionable luck colour.

Make public of high aim of express letter attempt is wonderful life, achieve animation great exploit to accomplish the world elite!

" wolf totem " it is the strange book that prairie wolf cheats exclusively inside a depict up to now. This what be narrative main body with the wolf is epic the novel like, be full of fiction and illusion, let a reader enjoy the mental sumptuous dinner of endless wolf totem. My company hopes to pass the gimmick of film animation, the wisdom that author ginger armies, courage, reach the hidden bitterness of dark green wolf in the heart, alone, call out, cry howl, solemn and stirring and cantabile wolf totem spirit is conveyed adequately come out; the wolf group hit out, fight in coordination, person and wolf live jointly etc already grand magnificent occasion display comes out.

My company resolve will " wolf totem " make China's top-ranking movies cartoon, the TV edition that still will make 52 collect at the same time " wolf totem " , every collect 22 minutes, those who believe income of its film booking office, TV issues income and develop produce income to will achieve Chinese animation most.

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